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Fear Factor Fearless Challenge

Update : I got selected! Thanks Nuffnang! Yay!! See u peeps this Saturday!! All the best overcoming your fear!

Im sure many of you have heard about Astro's latest programme : Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia 

The Celebrities
Soon to be aired on Astro Ria 104, the prize total is up to Rm200k up for grabs by these celebrities. The celebrities are :

Dafi, Arja Lee, Elfira Loy, , , Ezlynn, Johan Ashaari, Jehan Miskin, Celina Khor, , Atu Raja Lawak, Alam Wakaka Crew, Ajak Shiro, , Hairul, , Akim, Azam Pitt, , , Zoey, Dr Faiz, Gambit Saifullah, Azri, Zawen, Hafizul, , , , Iz OIAM and Yassin.

Aaron Aziz commenting on the show

You might not be able to join them in Cape Town, but thanks to Astro and Nuffnang, they gonna have Fear Factor Fearless Challenge for  30 lucky bloggers + 1 supporter each.

*Update :

Now you might want to join them on their roadshow to overcome your fear at these locations :

@Sunway Pyramid on 15 and 16 December 2012
from 10 am - 8 pm

@Dataran Teluk Cempedak, Kuatan, Pahang on 22 and 23 December 2012
from 10 am - 8 pm

Promo vid : 

*drooling* eh.. i might go there myself :P 

Here's what i needed to do :

"What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?”

Umm. Depth of the ocean. Yup. thats it. Open sea. Anything associate with deep water. Err.. including the deep pool. I must admit. i cant swim. floating maybe, but i will eventually sank. People said that you will stay afloat in sea water. i beg to differ. maybe its the panic attack, or maybe im just afraid i got attacked, drag down to to deepest trench and no one will ever find me again. 

Im an adventure seeker. I climbed the highest mountain (in Malaysia je la) and rode down slopes of Kundasang, venture into deep jungle for a week till i lost few KGs of body weights in Pahang n Kelantan, but when it comes into open water, all the tough, macho thing seems like faded away. just like that. *puff* nada.

What trigger my fear i have none to share. but it probably because of growing up reading too much folklores and science fictions, about Kraken, nasty Mermaids and creatures lives 20 thousand leagues under the sea, and the list continues. 

 they do exist right?

Will i able to breathe, will i suffocate? that thought alone constraints me from enjoying swimming at sea and such. 

 err. i dont mind if these mermaids captured me though

 errk.. they might turn into this one. x jadi lah :P

Although i took part in adventure races and some of the challenges requires me to do something related to water, i will have like hard time to sleep weeks after it ended. Like back in 2008 when i had to jump off a ship from a wood plank, it took me like, i dont know, until someone shouting 'Come on, you can do it!' and all the motivational encouragement to make me jump. Yup. i took that long. eventually, i jumped. and that few seconds inside the water enough to freak me out.  it was dark, lonely, cold, pitch black. i was equipped with floating device alright, and i tried to stay calm, but if i was holding someone's hand at that time, i probably have crushed it.  Since then, i try to avoid anything that related to swimming or jumping into the water. 

i would love to try doing the triathlon, but one of the discipline is, open sea swimming. the distance -3.5 km okay. i had friends doing it all the time, and they said it's doable. again, i beg to differ. im different. probably my bones were made of half mix of cement or something. Nah. i'll stick with duathlon or just running on a flat road. I love the idea of scuba diving too. but that just it. i wont do it.not in this lifetime.

ok. thats the boring part. Here come something that u might actually interested in :

Browsing through the list of participants for Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia, my favourite vote goes to : .

Team Johan Ashaari and Kaka (Bawaku Pergi) < have to put la, krg korang ingat Kaka football player pulak

 Will team JoKa triumph?

Why do i support this team? 

I hate Johan. dont get me wrong. Hate his acting laa.. esp as Botak in Juvana. I hate bullies. I dont get bullied during school days, but i hate those doing that, like what he did in that drama. Nonetheless, i enjoy the drama, except the abrupt ending.  Ever since, i follow his career.

Why Kaka? Err, i like her singing. But how tough she's gonna be? well, i think she have to stand tall with Johan to win this challenge. So, are you guys game?  

Vid of Kaka n Elfira Loy during the Bootcamp

Oh u wont get to see them eating those horrible food or anything that gross out, but im sure they will have to do something that might test their fear to its limits.

re : from my point of view, even the toughest all men team must have afraid of something. something slimy or smelly or small, crawling maybe. I hope team JoKa will overcome all their fears and victorious.

You can also follow Fear Factor Malaysia via twitter : @FearFactorM for more updates.

oh ya, and worth mentioned : 

“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!"

*source from official Facebook and abg Budiey. Follow the blog for more stories / vids on the show. Pics is copyrighted to its rightful owner.  

*and my blog background is sunset at sea. lol. i like it. as long as im not in it. fine with me. 

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