Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia - The Who (Part 5 of 5)

alright, final part of 5. and i think the actual winner you might have guess it already. am i wrong? :P

all the best to team Jehan N Mejar Faiz!! 

*pics and vid sourced from

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia - The Who (Part 4 of 5)

4th part bring you a mix between all male team and a mix team. and we have a chef in the house! 

im betting for these guys. 

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia - The Who (Part 3 of 5)

3rd set and this is getting rather interesting. Can a much younger team compete with much older rival team? and believe me, these are not a regular dancer :)

 my vote goes to Team Gambit n Alif la for sure! :P

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia - The Who (Part 2 of 5)

2nd part brings you another 3 teams of celebrities, each with an interesting background of their own :

 still i choose to vote for team Elfira. :P XOXO

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia - The Who (Part 1 of 5)

It might not be that late to introduce all the celebrities that took part in the Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia. There will be 5 post on this, but i wont write lengthy to bored you. Check them out. 

and the team i think might advance further : JoKa!

and finally, its happening tomorrow :

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fear Factor Malaysia (Blogger's Edition) Part Two

As i promised in the Part  One of Fear Factor Malaysia (blogger's edition) here is a sums up video of what happened in the first day of Fear Factor Roadshow in Sunway Pyramid.

credit to Kifli Maly for this video. Ko mmg ohsem!

I will be posting a YouTube link in case i manage to upload it online (or found one). For the time being, u need to download it first to view it. But its worth it! especially those coming for the morning session on Saturday 15th.

I will be writing few more posts, among others a tribute to two winners for Kuantan's Road Show. Who are they? you might have to wait for my next post. :P

Good news. U might wish to go for Penang and JB for the next Fear Factor Malaysia Roadshow! Yup, 2 more roadshow babeh!

A friend told me that its gonna be on 12th Jan 2013 (saturday) in Penang, whereby JB prolly the week after (tbc).

All the best! U might (might not) seeing me there.. haha.. tempting betul nak menang iphone :P Fakri lah ni dok meracun. Hish. :P 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FlyFM - Missing Elves Mission @ KLIA

 Where : Level 5, KLIA Terminal (Departure Hall)

When : 23 December 2012

It was a last minute thingy and i didnt expect to be selected as one of the winner. But still, our initial plan was to go there and do the walk-in registration. Since Fakri's team and Dyat's fiancee's team didnt get the call, we make our way to  KLIA around 9.30 am, tailing by Dyat with his car. Arrived around 10.15am and the registration only open @ 11.30am. 

Since i havent ate anything yet, we went down to the Food Garden to have our breakfast. Amat will be Fakri’s team mate this time, while Dyat’s fiancée will be taking part as well with her partner. 

talented Elves and cute Santarina

Amat was curious on something

By 11.25am, the registration open, and they only accept 7 teams for walk in! Phew!! so Fakri's team and Dyat's fiancee team managed to sign in.  There were 30 teams of two, and only 15 teams will walk away with shopping vouchers.

we are ready!

Happy Holidays!

We were given a Flyfm tee each, whereby the bag with the clue will be given once it started.

While waiting, we were entertained by the great performances in conjunction of the Christmas celebration.

 find out what FlyFM Troopers are here

 even Santa enjoy the show!

nice aint it?

12.30 pm – Once the briefing concluded by one of the Trooper’s, so it began! Once we get the clue sheet, the first mission we went for was Mission 2, @ McD, as the clue was so obvious, but what we have to look for was not! Is it a person? An elves plush toys or what? Or it might be that Elves we saw earlier on stage? And so did everyone else! We had no idea what to look for, so we went for the next one, Mission 8 @ Secret Receipe. And everyone went asking this one particular guy wearing a black jacket and a red top Christmas hat, only to found out that he’s from another team and his partner came to the rescue! Haha.. that guy later took off his hat and jacket to avoid more confusion. 

Mission's clue (1st page)

Mission's clue (2nd page)

And that gave me an idea. It must be a person! Gotta be! So we went to look for another Mission, Mission 9 at Café Barbera. Boy I was right! Like I said, he blend in nicely with everyone else sitting in that Café! Once u mentioned the correct password, he asked us to complete a task : Sing a Christmas Carol while giving a high five to five person/public outside the Café. I must ask whats the Christmas Carol sounds like and that guy replied, Jinggle Bell, Jiggle Bells, Jinggle all the way :P Hoho.. now singing is one thing, having 5 sporting travelers to high five’ing is one thing. But we manage to do it and got our first sticker! 

So we went back to the McD and found that particular guy! And he doesn’t have any Elvis style whatsoever (refer to the Mission picture).  We needed to get a correct price tag and a total sum.  We stucked @ McDonald as we got the wrong price tag for Apple Pie. Apparently, what displayed on board was wrong. You kinda need to ask the person at the counter for the right price. And a common mistake, we didn’t read the clue properly. It should be the price for 2 apple pies, not one. Duhh!! We wasted our time just like that! I decided that we should separate and try to do other task first. 

So I went to the KFC - The task was to assemble a paper plane. Not the cheap one, slightly different but with numbers to guide you where to put it exactly. Complete it within a minute or so. Super easy! Im not please with other’s team attitude though, as I was asking where that particular person might be, and these 2 teams just ignore me, whereby that person is quite nearby. We are competing for top 10 teams, no placing what so ever. Aper la.. 

Dyat eventually managed to complete the task @ McD and later join me for the task @ Secret Receipe. And its not just A person. Its a couple sitting there, blending in and chit chatting over a cup of coffee :P the task – fill in the blanks with Secret Receipe signature’s cake.

Next - Mission 1 is just right where we started just now. She’s one of the Troopers and we need to complete a task of throwing a cute red candy stick to a hook. We were only given 3 chances to get it right and Dyat did it like a pro in the 2nd throw! 

Continue running back and forth frantically, while bugging customers to find the right person.

While Dyat went for Mission 3,  I went for Mission 4, which is finding an odd a mini stick candy in a jar full,  but it was easy peasy since i was right behind the team who has found it.

Moving on to Mission 6 - The person is there, but just hiding in a plain sight! Urgghh! we passed that person few times and didnt know thats her :P A series of questions I had to answer, and one of the Q was : when was the first A380 touch down @ KLIA during its first test flight? Ha.. even the staff at the airport didnt know. I get the answer from another team, it was November 2005!

2nd last clue – Mission 7 -  identify the title of the song based on the snippet and that was easy, Baby by Justin Beiber, As Long As You Love Me by BSB, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Carly Rae Jackson, Call Me Maybe and i forgot another one.  All easy jer, so the mission wasnt that challenging? It was. Time factor. Remember? Only top 15 teams will get that voucher and we hope that we still in the ranking.

Mission 10 was the last. – unjumble the jumbled words and read the correct sentence out. 
Malaysia Airport and Fly FM Wishes You a merry christmas! Ha!  Done! And its time to get back as fast as we can to the where it all began, the stage. Sorry i couldnt include each one of the mission's picture since we were running so fast that i dont have a time to answer my phone when Fakri's call, even when Dyat called me asking where i am! haha.. 

People were staring. It was phenomenal. :P

When we reached the registration counter/stage to submit all the car stickers, i overheard the official congratulates the team infront of us for winning the 9th placing! Wah, then we would definitely will be the 10th! Yay!! Phew big time!

 the stickers

Wait, when Dyat asked me, Bro, where's the 10th sticker? I was like, Alamak! im sure there are 10 of them! and guess what? the last sticker is inside my pocket! haha.. (kelakar tapi nervous tahap dewa dan risau akan dilempang oleh partner yang mungkin bengang sbb aku hilangkan satu sticker! :P)

sibling's team, Nabila n Wan, they finished 15th!

err.. we dont have a team name this time :P 

And yup, we secured the last 10th placing eligible us for the RM1000 shopping voucher! 

Also, all the teams that took part in today's event will receive RM50 shopping voucher each, so lunch is covered!

Not sure when we finish actually but when i look at the time, its almost 3 pm. We have to surrender our IC to get a special pass to enter the Satellite building, and a security wrist band along with it. 

briefing given by one of the DeRomp Marketing Sdn Bhd's official


we travel in group of 3 teams

 waiting patiently 

valid for today only

Soon we make our way to the Satellite Terminal, onboard the monorail, and into the building where you will be waiting to be call for boarding, but will be tempted to make a last minute shopping at free duty outlets found inside that building. I'll skip that part, many of you are frequent travelers :P

We were escorted until we reached the building. A short briefing of where the meeting point will be and off we go! First thing first, solat jangan lupa.. then only we went looking for something to fill our tummy. We end up withStarbuck’s Frap first and went looking for things that we wish to buy soon after. 

 special entrance

 Ok guess what Dyat says to Mei Ling?

 yang sorang tu pun teringin jugakk..

 its gonna rain soon

here i am. after few years. 

The thing is that, it’s a voucher and you need to be smart. Spent it on RM90 worth of item, u wont get back that Rm10 balance. Of course u know that. But, there's another catch. Register your receipt for the Indulge and Win Contest and you'll get a RM10 voucher for every receipt amounted to RM250! Ha.. now thats smart. We end up with RM50 vouchers altogether. How? I dont know where did Dyat came up with so many receipts :P

I tried to buy a Swatch, but the person in charge said they don’t accept 2 vouchers in one receipt. Ok so perfume it is. Bought some cute M&Ms chocolates + toys for munckins and myself a tracksuit and that's it. Dyat bought something for his wedding present or 'hantaran'.

While at it, we managed to join the in house promotion for IButterfly MAHB!

fridge magnets (dapat 2 jer)

i dont think they have this for android users yet..

 first stop

Dyat's. Kena beli dua la kalu nak bwk balik :P 

 coffee break!
Later, we were treated for a full course meal at Fauchon Café around 5 pm, and make our way back to the Main Terminal building around 6.15 pm.

 Finally, makan time!

im sure this picture has a contest value, kan? 


 main course

 it was worth the run :P

Now with that RM50 vouchers we decided to bought a KFC barrel for the rest of the guys that had to wait for us the whole time we were in. Win-win situation lah kan? Left KLIA around 7pm on a wet road, but with flowerish heart (hati berbunga2) haha.. Have a great Holiday!