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We were the Unstoppable Explorer! Team 07 that is! (updated)

Explorer On the Go

Arrived around 9.20 am and saw a line of bloggers waiting for registration. Im not that late then :P At this point, I didn’t know who my partner is (all I got is her name) and I really hope she knew this place well, as I barely know this place, and I got lost every time im here (you know, with the coloured sections and stuff) still, im pretty excited to race today. Mind you, today’s race is not really about physical, but about who will tweet’ed or Fb’ed or Instagram’ed the most! Kind a social media race, and the winner will walk away with .. jap.. tarik nafas (breath in.. breath out) with all of these :

Awesome eh? Now you know why I keep this info about this race to myself! Haha.. No lah, what you read here, is what it is all about. Fair eh?

This event was held @ Sunway Pyramid last Saturday (18th May) for the promotion of the Astro On The Go Live Explorer. On the sideline, Nuffnang selected 50 bloggers to take part in the Explorer on the Go Contest, where they will be pairing into 25 teams to race around the mall while socializing, on the Go that is. i mean tweeting, FBing and Instagraming and all that. I was one of the lucky one to be invited.              

can u guess who's the mystery explorer? :P

Great catching up with few bloggers-buddies – Mahamahu, Penaberkala and Adam while queuing. Everyone gets a free tee, a lanyard and this awesome tablet sling bag. Awesome wey, serius. Tak caya tanya anak aku. :P 

Team o7 we were!

goodie bag.. or should i say tablet bag 

I met my partner later on, Chin Yee, a 20 years old girl with such a high spirit to race! thats a team mate i prefer. Tak menang takpe, janji semangat tu ada, right? We get to know each other a bit, strategize a bit, hoping for the best result later on.

Each team of two, were given an iPad each (borrowed :P), along with a mobile modem (correct right?) and one of us need to be a ‘Pilot’ and the other one a ‘Co-Pilot’. Pilot needed to sign in to Facebook account and Co-pilot needed to Tweet about the race while on the Go. Each of us were give a username and password to try out the Astro-On-The-Go service, but we couldn’t sign in, as u know why, no internet connection.  But.. theres a good news too! >read it at the end of the post<

The pressure mounting up (chewahh.. yer yer jer..) but still, without an internet connection, this race can’t go on. We need to sign in into the live explorer app to get all the clues and tasks. 

While waiting for the race to start, i took part in mini game held at the AFC counter, and get myself these awesome goodies from AFC (Asia Food Channel). Guess what, this items are limited! 

Nice kan? 

It was delayed till 10.30 am, and once the flag off, we were among those team that still couldn’t get our internet connection's right. Only then the organizer suggested that we should use our own data plan to begin with. Aiseh, kenapa tak cakap awal2? :P 

So we had to use Chin Yee’s data plan to get connected, and Off we Go! Phew!

Chin Yee knew pretty well about store locations inside Sunway Pyramid. If it were up to me, I’d be lost from the beginning. So from the clue given, we begin the race inside the mall! It wasn’t that crowded since its still early, but not knowing your away around might cost you and your team more time Exploring every inch of the mall, to look for that obvious Station. Yes, u might bump into a Station while running around, but if its not a correct one, tough luck, you need to search for another one. 

Each team followed different set of clues, 5 of each, sending us frantically around the mall trying to find the correct location and solve a mystery question while at it, and trying to Tweet, FB or Instagram while on the go. As a co-pilot, I couldn’t do much, not with a bad internet connection, which didn’t work until the end. Otherwise, the app (live explorer) working just fine with the iPad the one Chin Yee was holding to and we get to one station to another, completed the task and shared it on FB and Twitter as needed. I felt bad since im the one who didn’t contribute much, except answering a couple of questions. 


Questions and tasks were easy, and you’ll be done in no time. I got the chance to meet anime characters, a Korean Lady, a Lee Chong Wei look-a-like and Elvis too! Not forgetting, a gladiator as well. 

If you need a hint, click Helpline. 10 tweets to open a hint

We met another fames blogger - his from Beautiful Nara!

 pose with the 'Elvis'

 fighting the 'gladiator'

act tough like a spidey

 and just a random posing with Chin Yee

*note : there's no additional marks for all the pose. Saje takde keje :P just to keep the race happening!
The last task was at the Lee Chong Wei’s look-a-like station. Done. Im still worried about the tweets. I hope we could get enough tweet to win it. I know this isn’t about those who finish the fastest.

done! err.. already?

And.. We completed the race in 48 minutes, done around 12.30pm!  Few teams were lost inside the mall and couldn’t complete the race by 1 pm. By then, they would have disqualified.

Once the race done, I continue twitting as much as I could using the wifi @ Starbucks, but once I check the Connect tab, I knew we couldn’t get enough tweet in order to win. But still I try to tweet about an hour and decided to stop. Its help if I could tweet much earlier.

We missed lunch, as no one inform us it was prepared at Delicious, and when we went there by 2.30pm, the food is long gone. Sedih. 

While sobbing behind the panel with growling stomach, guling2 atas lantai (haha.. ) we (adam, Fendi n myself) were approached by a team from Astro Awani, requested for a short interview. 

Few questions needed to be answered, and some of it I don’t really know what to answer, like, what is your favourite book. Ha! U got me there. I replied ‘I don’t really read that much?’ or was it ‘I don’t read book that often?’ or I should have said ‘usually I read something online’ <- now why wouldn’t I think of this answer at that time :P 

Another one was: Give 3 advise for those that wish to start blogging (or something like that) so I answered : write something factual (tetiba prosa kata BI jadi hebat), something that you love to write about and always share/write something with a confirmed source, not just a hearsay. (something like that la, I don’t really recall what exactly I said) but I think u get the point. 

What is the first thing you tweet once you open your Twitter in the morning? : Salam and wish everyone a great day? I did that, didn’t i? 

Who inspired you to blog?  Now that’s tough! And I replied – Beautifulnara. Is one of Them. The inspiration is more into their dedication. Commitment. Ideas.

The truth is, im inspired by a long list of bloggers though, sorry it didn’t come out during the interview. But from a travel blogger, to someone so affectionate with his food, a triathlete and someone who daringly wrote about issues happening around, you guys inspired me the most, as well as the rest, u know who you are *wink*. 

ok back to the main story.

The waiting for the prize giving ceremony was agonizing (mentally)! So better for me to fulfil my daily obligation's first. For your info, this mall has 3 surau altogether (1st Floor, LG1 n LG2)! Thanks to the Sunway Pyramid app, it lets you find your way around this mall. We use the app as well to confirm the location that we are going earlier on during the race. 


*ok, help me out with who is this guy?* :P

I left the mall around 3.30pm, before the stage were stormed by Aaronators.  Had to leave earlier as I need to collect my race kit for the Milo Breakfast Run on Sunday, which I had only a couple of hours to do so. 

one of the show featured in Astro on the Go service

Notice anyone familiar?
 *photo credit to Mahamahu*

 *photo credit to Mahamahu*

I had a great time, if only the problem with the internet connection would’ve been sorted out earlier, and the iPads provided were pre-installed with needed apps. 

Congratulations to all the winners, Grand Prize : Nur Atika n teammate Leonhart90, 1st runner up Nuar Penaberkala dan juga partnernyer ByRawlins  and 2nd runner up Mahadi Mahamahu n team mate Miracikcik! You guys are the best!! 

*fotocredit to Oh! media

And not forgetting, to my lucky team mate who won an Ipad Mini! Wooot! It was fun racing with you, and thanks for everything ya! Sorry for going too fast :P Hope to team up again in any upcoming Nuffnang events. :) 

Here's a Tout by Shafique on that day :) *trying to steal grab some videos of his, tapi tak reti lah pulak.. haha..  

Post Race.. 

continued.. (But… ) we got to try out the service at home! Or anywhere!  Catching up with my favourite shows and live matches, you’ll need your internet connection (of free-wifi area) to enjoy it. Although only latest smartphones and tabs compatible for this apps, but you can opt to watch it on your PC as well. Talking about entertainment on the go, anywhere! 

your favourite anime on the palm of your hand (don't let others peek!)

on smartphone

i wonder if having this will make my munckins behave while im driving? :P

cathing up with your favourite show

so i need like another tab to use, this one will be occupied for a while :)
 What say you? Refer my previous post here for all the info needed on this great service. Im sure there'll be more programmes to be added later on.

Oh did i mentioned that i got interviewed earlier? read the full story here <

*although i did mentioned my favourite movies : anything by Bruce Willis and Jason Statham :P

and.. Last but not least, Here's what our local celebs and others, have to say about this service :

 What say you? :)


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