Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ASICS Badminton Championship 2016

MALAYSIA, 9 October 2016 – Malaysian badminton enthusiasts from all walks of life converged at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall for a thrilling finale to ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 (ABC 2016). For the first time, ABC 2016 finals was played on a custom-built badminton arena staged over the shopping mall’s indoor ice skating rink, giving players and spectators alike a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. The badminton champions were crowned after triumphing through thrilling knock-out semi-final matches over 2 days, on the 7th and 8th of October and the finals on 9th October. ABC 2016 was also held in conjunction with Malaysia’s ‘Hari Sukan Negara 2016’ to promote sporting excellence across all layers of society.
The annual badminton tournament is organized for the second consecutive year by ASICS, a true sport performance brand. After an intense and keenly-fought competition, only 33 players went through to qualify into ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 Finals. The atmosphere was electrifying as finalists pitted their badminton skills against one another in a series of high-octane and action-packed matches.
The event was officiated by Minister for Youth and Sports YB. Khairy Jamaluddin.
“I am pleased that Hari Sukan Negara 2016 continues to draw support from global sporting brand such as ASICS in our efforts to transform Malaysia into a sporting nation. I am certain that the annual ASICS Badminton Championship will provide a competitive platform to identify and groom young Malaysian badminton talents into becoming future world champions,” said Khairy Jamaluddin during the opening ceremony of ASICS Badminton Championship Finals 2016.
“We are extremely delighted that ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 has received tremendous response from young talented Malaysian badminton enthusiasts, many of whom were inspired by the recent success of Malaysia’s national badminton team,” said Yogesh Gandhi, Managing Director for ASICS Asia PTE. LTD. “As such, we are certainly very proud of all the competitors who played their best at this year’s badminton tournament. They share the same vision and determination to constantly better themselves in line with ASICS’ mantra ‘Want It More’.”

ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 Grand Finals officiated by Youth and Sports Minister YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin and Kenji Oh, Marketing Director, ASICS Asia Pte Ltd (fifth from left).
The final matches were played across seven categories, including: Men's Singles Open, Veteran’s Doubles minimum age of 45 years each, Men's Doubles Open, Men's Doubles U21, Men's Singles U21, Women's Singles Open, Women's Singles U21 and Women’s Doubles Open.
Men’s Singles Open
Champion:  Wong Kok Hong
Veteran’s Doubles minimum age of 45 years each
Champion:  Ng Inn Sin / Chua Ken Seng
Men's Doubles Open
Champion:  Ahmad Maziri / Amir
Men's Doubles U21
Champion:  Puah Chen Hao / Sharul Shazwan
Men's Singles U21
Champion:  Shahrul Shazwan
Women's Singles Open
Champion:  Kong Yi Jin
Women’s Doubles Open
Champion:  Lim Payee / Lim Phet Zhoon
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Official event hashtags: #ASICSBadmintonChamp #ASICSGameOn
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Advertorial : ASICS GEL QUANTUM 360 CM

ASICS Asia Pte Ltd has announced the release of the GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM, the newest model in the GEL-QUANTUM 360 series, with a groundbreaking Chameleoid Mesh.
Its Chameleoid Mesh material has great functional benefits like breathability and different stretch properties. Amazingly, it also creates different colour effects from different angles.
A great comfortable fit combined with outstanding appearance.

GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM provides athletes with 360 degrees of ASICS’ award-winning GEL Cushioning, giving athletes superior shock attenuation and durability. Imagine running with such comfort and support, spring-loaded ride, giving you sufficient arch support.

GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM features superior cushioning while maintaining stability, providing athletes more performance support during any workout. 

·         Heel height/Forefront height: 22MM/12MM (men’s); 21MM/11MM (women’s)
Some of its Features you might like:
·         Heel height/Forefront height: 22MM/12MM (men’s); 21MM/11MM (women’s)
·         Chameleoid Mesh Upper
·         Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems
·         Seamless Construction
·         Solyte Midsole Material
·         ComforDry ORTHOLITE X-40 Sockliner- keeping your feet dry
·         ORTHOLITE Lasting 

Terrain : Road
Arch Support : Neutral Pronation
Use : Normal Training

The GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM is available in five new Chameleoid Mesh color ways for men and for women. Color combinations include “Flash Coral/Black/Silver” and “Aquarium/White/Flash Coral” for women and “Island Blue/White/Hot Orange” and “Midgrey/White/Green Gecko” for men.  

The GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM retails for RM699, and is now available at all ASICS stores and select speciality and sporting good stores.
 Ok. This shoes just entered my Wishlist for 2016 *drool*

Enjoy the product video :

Born of GEL.  

Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, meaning "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body," is an old Latin phrase from which ASICS is derived and the fundamental platform on which the brand still stands. The company was founded more than 60 years ago by Kihachiro Onitsuka and is now a leading designer and manufacturer of performance athletic footwear, apparel and accessories. For more information, visit

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Allianz Crazy Games 2016

We are back for the 2nd time!

So this is our pre-task for the #AllianzCrazyGames2016.

We kind a flunk doing the bonus challenge last year, but we are prepared and will do better for this one.

Seems like each year the theme changed, and this year, even the Olympic has ended, i guess the fever is yet to be over. Lets continue doing something Crazy!

Our team of 3, as per previous year,  called Budget Good-Good will be competing for prizes that is, worth it.

Thisis our selfies, doing the sport we enjoy the most. 

I wonder what kind of games that we need to play during the event itself :)  We gonna do our best so lets wait how the game will turn out, shall we?

Good luck and all the best?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 18 – Long Distance Running Shoe

Sorry for the long hiatus.  Will try to post more often. :)
How bout something different this time? 
My first product review!
Being a Half Marathoner and Full Marathoner, i need a shoes that has remarkable comfort and cushioned structure, and lucky me! i had the chance to try the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18, the 18th model of the ASICS GEL-NIMBUS series. Being the latest model in ASIC's best selling running footwear series that has been innovated for over 18 years, the series is one of the most recognized high performing footwear collections by ASICS. I must say it is extremely durable, and allow me to truly enjoy my recent 10km road run. This shoes is also suitable to use on the track or terrain trails (will give it a try later).
High-performing footwear like no other, Gel-Nimbus 18 is intended to sync the perfect amount of harmony and comfort as you stride. Runner will experience superior 'fit' and 'feel' from this shoe, which i must say it is very much true. I intended to try this shoes for a longer distance race, prolly HM race in near future. Then i will share more about the shoes later on.
This shoes is ideal for runners of all types (neutral shoes category), from recreational joggers to elite long-distance runners. Gel-Nimbus 18 provides different heel and foot angle for impact during running. The result? less injury risk and faster recovery is what i felt using this shoes.
Its improved cushioning with the use of Guidance Line Technology adapts to runner's gait cycle (ideal running motion), letting you enjoy every run from here on.

Any product (sports related preferable) that needed to be review? Reach me at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

In and around (March 2016) Final part.

Ok the last part for March.

Few more events before i wrap up the story for March. Bz month it was!
KFC Bloggers Party @ Pavilion KL
Selected few to attend the event held @ KFC Pavilion KL, along with bloggers and media reps for the lauching of Super Jimat Box combo! 

Memang kenyang dan menarik sebab acara-acara sampingan pun ada disamping acara utama : Makan2 set Super Jimat Box. Abam x menang apa2, saje2 tumpang seronok tengok kawan2 menang. Chewah. Tapi memang sporting lah Nelydia. 

Nivea Men Triple Shield Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid 

Event yang tak bajet nak join, tetiba menang. 

Well actually kitaorg nak join. Team of 3. Abam, Morjhan n Husin. Last minit wife ada program kat sekolah Sabtu tu.. so terpaksa lah cancel sbb takut event start awal pagi.. sekali event start tengah hari! haa.. terpaksa lah buat team lain.

Dalam kelam kabut cari team tu, dapat lah tarik Tam untuk join. Cabaran dia?
Lawan liga antara 52 team yang ada, untuk rebut 3 tempat ke final, dengan team yang menang dapat RM10k. Game ala-ala dodgeball, tapi guna bola kecik.

Takde lah target dapat qualify pun. Sebabnya mula2 rasa macam takde chance. Tetiba dapat mara ke semi final Ahadnya..

Ahad tu.. datang juga tanpa apa2 expectation. Yelah, lawan geng2 muda2 remaja semua ni. Almaklumlah.. pakcik2 ni gaya je lebih, stamina out. Memang harap kat Morjhan dan Tam yang agak cemerlang menyingkirkan ahli2 lawan satu persatu. Abam? cukupkan korum jer.. haha..

Apa pun alhamdulilah dapat jadi top 3 teams dan mara ke final. Dapat 2nd runner Up. Jadilah, bersyukur jugak tu. tak sangka. :) bertambah berseri2 lah pakai produk Nivea yang melambak tu.. huhu..

Ok sedia untuk update utk bulan April pulak :) 

In and around (March 2016) Part 2

Datang minggu seterusnya, abam terpilih untuk top 6 teams yang dapat join GSC Alliegiant Squad Challenge. Cabaran diadakan di Camp5, 1U dan terbahagi kepada 4 cabaran indoor. Dlm tu je lah.
Dah nama Camp5.. wajib cabaran wall climbing. Kena 2 task wall nih. (setiap satu kena buat 3 routes)

1. Timed - Blindfolded -- gitew.. memang susah dan semput sbb abam dah lama x buat, tangan tak kuat. Tp pesan kat diri sendiri dan team mate, jangan gopoh dan jangan slip.  Ok. berjaya lepas part ni.

2. Untimed - Wall yang terbahagi kepada 3 route. Setiap satu dengan tahap kesukaran masing2. Yang ni abam agak kagum dengan diri sendiri dan team mate, Morjhan, sbb dah le kitaorg dua2 bukannye kaki, tapi berjaya tamat dengan full marks! bukan riak nokk.. tapi nak kata kadang2 rasa diri tak mampu, terus takmo cuba. Tapi memang sengsara lah nak menghabiskannya. Kata untimed. Pelan2 lah tarik diri yang berat ni sampai lah ke atas.
Ok berjaya. ke cabaran seterusnya.

3. Makan! wahh.. ala2 food hunt lak. Ironicnya, rakan dlm team dulu masa event lain, Rashid, ada kat depan ujung meja tu. dan start je makan seolah2 kitaorg lawan makan duaorg sapa abis awal.
Pedas. Panas, berasap! Tetiba abam abis dulu sbb pengalaman food hunt memang berguna. Jangan lupa air tu letak dekat2 muka. Multitasking katanya..

4. Ini Morjhan kena buat. Lari naik platform dan terjun ke bawah. Platform agak tinggi, tapi Morjhan memang berjaya control agar nampak tetap maintain masa turun.. huhu..

Penentuannya, team kitaorg no. 2! Alhamdulillah. Tak sangka lak dpt kalahkan team wall climber yg satu lagi tu.. 

Oh hari ni tak berakhir lagi. sambung lak event di bawah ni sampai petang. 

Spartan Race @ Klang.
Event dapat free entry dari Media Prima, race kit dari FitAid Malaysia. Baju dia (FitAid) memang super comfy, esp pakai time panas terik. Memang terbako time tu!

13km dengan 30 halangan memang giler kentang. Ditemani Morjhan dan Husin, kitaorg sesama lah lelari, jenjalan, duduk, jenjalan, minum, jenjalan, minum, lelari sket, buat halangan, lelari sket, .. eh memang ntah la.. ikut sedap sebab halangan dia pun agak mencabar. 

Cuma korang kena jujur lah. sbb Marshal tahap waktu2 mcm ni dia pun takde dah. Water station pun ada dah xde org jaga. Pandai2 lah. So bukan je seronok2 je okeh. Setiap sukan ada risiko. Aku tengok ada terlebih excited sampai terpeleot kaki diaorg terjun dari wall 8 kaki.. adoi.. kehsian wey. So keep calm and layan pelan2. 3 jam 25 abis gak buat benda ni.

Ok yer. Balik rumah mmg hazab. Sengal2 satu badan seminggu. Sekian.

Ehh.. Tak abis lagi. ok lah sambung entry lain. To be continued...

In and around (March 2016) - Part 1

Found out masih ada lagi yang follow blog ni. Terima kasih masih sudi membaca.

Ok lah sebab tau masih lagi yang sudi singgah, abam nak update lah event2 yang berlaku sejak dua menjak ni.
Seriously, b2b2b.. haa amik ko.. Back to back, sambung lagi back to back minggu selepasnya.. sambung lagi minggu ni!

Amboi.. kalah retis. Alhamdulillah rezeki kita tak jangka kan.. so try lah mana yang boleh.

Event2 ni ada yg kuar TV, ada yg takde sape tahu pun. So bila abam share, atleast korang dapat share betapa bestnya pengalaman seumpama ni, dah mungkin satu hari korang pun rasa nak try gak.. haa..

Ada yang berjaya, ada yang tak. Adat pertandingan. Tapi mestilah suka bila jadi top 3 :)

Energizer Shop in the Dark Finale :

Yup, abam lah salah seorang dari 6 peserta finale. Alhamdulillah, walau x dapat cecah target sopping RM2.5k dalam masa 10 minit, kitaorg cecah jugak lah RM2k. Hadiah bahagi dua dengan kawan abam yang gigih membantu itew. Time kasih Dyat. Sebenarnya kan.. haa.. ada hikmah share hadiah sebenarnya.. ianya membawa ke kisah seterusnya..

Thank you so much Energizer Malaysia for this once-in-a-lifetime awesome experience (sampai nak langgor bini orang sbb terlalu excited time sopping) haha..

Weekend tu abam meneruskan aktiviti lelari. UEM Charity Run sejauh berkilo-kilometer jauhnya. Pendek cerita memang penat. Tapi best sebab buat atas Highway. Highway tu di tutup khas untuk kitaorg lari.. haa.. terjadilah aksi2 macam ni.. (dah lama nak buat sebenarnya). Saja2 memang tak lah sbb tengah2 highway kot..