Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CCAM Explorace @ Putrajaya

What :  Explorace CCAM
               (in conjuction with Festival Belia Negara 2013)

When : 25th May 2013

Time : 10 am – 5 pm (last team to arrive by 4 pm)

Team of two – to – four

By car/public transport/on foot

There were 9 envelopes (tasks) that we need to look out for, meaning each team needed to complete the task to get an envelope for their next clue / place to be. . It’s a race which the winner is based on who arrive first, with all the given envelopes. 

Team Budget Good-Good

Short briefing were given just before the start of the race. 

We were flagged off around 10.15 am by CCAM President, Mr. Mohd Irwan Rizal.

1st envelope took us to the Alamanda Shopping Mall. I recognized the symbol on the paper right away. Since Morjhan car was nearer, we decided to use his. A mere 10 minutes’ drive, we were there, and as the clue pointed out BESAR, meaning that it got to be Aeon Big (replacing then Carrefour) and we need to buy 2 items. It’s good that im local and that supermarket, well, we kind a visit it few times a week, finding those two items isnt a big deal, they were Garam n Bawang Merah Besar.

(i forgot the actual clue, but here's the sum of it) 
Clue 1 - pasangan bagi Asam ?
Clue 2 -  adik Bawang Puteh dalam cerita Bawang Merah, Bawang Puteh

Once we got the 2nd envelope, it led us to Pusat Rekreasi Air @ Taman Wetland, Presint 3. I knew it right away, it must be kayaking task. I was right! But that flat type of kayak kind a hard to manoeuvre, although we took only around 10 minutes to complete this task.  Sorry no picture at this point since we were so rushing and there were only two of us in our team.

3rd envelope led us to a clue which sounds like this : 

“It has been designed as an Arcadia or a national sanctuary for the Malaysian living collection of plant taxonomy as well as a centre for education and research”

A good internet access is needed in this kind of race. My guess was Taman Botani, but just to be sure, double checked it with Mr Google. Got it. And the marshals were waiting on a bridge, which we kinda missed it at first, and went to search for them around, with no help from other teams. Alah, setakat point out where the marshals were, doesn’t give us any advantage pun. From here on, we’ll survive on our own.#geram

4th Envelope : The task – find out where is the Drynaria rigidula (a type of fern) sign is, take a picture of your team and 1 (one) visitor. All we need to do, ask the information counter right? And to my surprise, the guy behind the counter didn’t know anything. Oh well, by Googling, we found out what it is, and went on looking for it. You can found it here at the Fern Garden.

Once done, the next clue led us to one of the best place to enjoy Sup UK in Putrajaya. Do you know where? Mesti tak tahu kann? Me neither! ha! thanks to Mr. Google, we found out that UK stands for Urat Keting, and you can find it at Food Court Presint 11, about 10 minutes-drive-away. We were the first one there, and we need to find ‘Nora’ for our next task. Nop, you must have thought we need to drink up a bowl of UK soup. Ekk!! Wrong.. We need to find makcik ‘Nora’ and she will serve you a plate of Nasi Goreng Cili Padi for each of us! (only 2 team member need to do this task) so for both of us, we don’t have any choice, and guess what? We don’t fancy spicy food at all! Argh.. It was tough! Half way through, I tersedak and that makes me ‘cried’ and snots! That’s how spicy the food was. Like very hot! Accompanied with iced Sirap Limau, it doesn’t help at all. I was weeping and tried to finish the nasi goreng.

this is before we ate. you might not want to see the 'after' part for sure..

We were almost done when the team behind us arrived. It’ll give us like 10 minutes or so ahead of them, and the next clue (6th) was “28 minutes away”.. @Putrajaya ____________ . My guess would be Putrajaya Central, and 28 minutes away is the travel time to get from KLIA to city centre via ERL. 

Yes, again my guess was right! We saw a couple of marshals under the tree, far left from the entrance to the Putrajaya Central. They gave us the clue, and we needed to buy tickets to Salak Tinggi station for the next task.

As we went to buy the tickets, the team behind us saw what we did, and were clueless as they didn’t find the marshal yet. Were we hoping that the train would be there when we get down, unfortunately, it just left. So the next one would be in 25 minutes or so! Arghh!! Yes, two other teams managed to catch up.  And by the time the train arrived, only 3 teams (including ours) made it on board. That mean … confirm TOP 3! Yes. Balik modal la if we were going for the 3rd placing. But as my buddy Morjhan said, why settle for 3rd, when we can be the champion? Chewah.. always love having a partner with such a spirit. Im the complete opposite. Negative jer..

 anxiously waiting for the train to arrive

It took about 5 minutes (or less) to reach stesyen Salak Tinggi (which cost you about RM3 one way) and once there, we went to look for the marshal. Once we found him, he verbally mentioned the next clue “what is 433?” wait.. that’s it? He replied. "Yes. That is". 
Now where would we find an answer for that, with only 20 minutes left for the next train back to Putrajaya, arrive. Well then, how about asking the lady behind the ticket counter for an answer? And to my surprise, we got the answer straight away! Haha! :P 433 is for 04.33am, time for the first train to depart from KL Central to KLIA. Walla wey, and I ran back to the marshal, and whispered the answer. Yup. That’s the right answer. But I might have accidentally whispered it too loud, the other team  overheard about ‘the first train’ and went to ask the same lady too.  Sish.. wasted!

sneaky la this guy, we almost didnt saw him there

So all three teams waiting for the same train back to Putrajaya. Just like a scene in an Amazing Race or something. At this point, they (the other 2 teams) weren’t look too happy. But still, they have a chance to win this. We just enjoying the race and had the time to plan for our next event on Sunday :P

It’s a neck-to-neck race. 

Oh the next one (8th) clue was “Cepat dan Mesra” @ Cyberjaya. My guess would be either police or bomba. Googling just to make sure. Its Bomba @ Cyberjaya. 

Once we get off  the train @ Putrajaya Central, ran to our car, and zooming towards Cyberjaya, using the back road. One of the other team followed us closely, but we left them at a traffic light, right next to the Cyberjaya Fire Station. Again, we were the first team to arrive (which at this point, gave us a huge lead towards the finish line).

Now here, two of us need to wear a full fireman suit. Wait, there's a Red Bull car next to the task area and two hawt ladies offering us a cold can of Red Bull before we begin. Nice weyy!! Err.. I mean the cold can of the Red Bull okeh! :P 

vote for the Hottest Fireman! (the one in orange suit!)

Ok back to the task. Once fully suited, we need to go up and down this training tower, about 7 story high (I can assure you, once i've completed the task, my respect for whoever become a Fireman is like, double than before) and with full suit, it aint easy, yup. You need to breathe using the mask too..  Suprisingly, it only took us about 1m20 sec (roughly) and morjhan did it in 1m21 sec (roughly) to complete the task. Once done, removing the protective suit is another story. time consuming. which, good for a leading's team. Us.. haha :P

And for the last envelope!

9th (back to the start point for the Star to Be task)  wonder what the task is?

And we waved to the other team while driving off to the 2nd last CP. I kind a enjoy doin that. Kejam sungguh. Oh well, we were not done yet kan? They still can catch up.

Back at the CCAM tent. My oh my.. A karaoke task! Oh my gosh! Im terrible at singing, and we have to do a duet karaoke. The song? Cari Jodoh by Wali band. Theres 2 other songs, one Dangdut and one called Kalau Berpacaran. I guess this one was easier.

first time ever! nak menang punya pasal. 

In order to complete this task, we must sing together, and get some cheers and claps from the public audience. Wahh.. lucky us few spectators clapped even though the must have suffered listening to our singing (mine especially). 

To our suprise, there's another envelope! The last envelope says that we need to run to this place… >

*photo credit Wikimedia.org
.. to complete the race! It was 2.15pm and under the hot blazing sun, we frantically ran towards Perbadanan Putrajaya and finish the race around 2.20pm.
2nd team arrived 15 minutes later, to the stage. They must have done pretty well back at the fire station, but the time was on our side. I went home to change my shirt (remember all the tears n snot earlier) and fresh up for the prize giving ceremony. 

Prize giving ceremony @ 5 pm, and we got to shake hands with the newly appointed YB Minister of Communication and Multimedia - Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek and he garlanded our winning medals as well! It’s an honour, truly. And posing infront of flashing cameras, tetiba rasa Budget best. Eh, we are from team Budget Good-Good what.. haha..
(gambar dengan Menteri akan dihapdet later)

It was an interesting one. I swear I couldn’t eat nasi goreng for few days afterwards. My stomach growling but the discomfort went away couple of days later. And strange enough, im starting to like 'spicier' food.


  1. Checkpoint cari paku pakis paling senangkan

  2. Hehe.. senang, tp lupa nak google awal2 :) thanks promote blog yg x seberapa nih :) ada event lain jemput ek?

  3. baru tgk ni... ada gambar aku rupanya... ehehe...

  4. Morjhan - wah ada blog juga. tp kenapa stuck kat situ jer? share lah ape2 hobby atau event yg ko masuk.. macam ni ha.. :)