Monday, June 17, 2013

Shopping Spree @ Uniqlo with.... Nora Danish!

What : Shopping Spree @ Uniqlo

Where : Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, KL

When : 15 June 2013 (Saturday)

Who : Nora Danish, Actress, TV Host

Ok before we go to the main story, just want to share what happened few days earlier, this one during a phone conversation. 

Thursday,  13 June 2013

Caller : Hi, is this Ahmad Daud?

Me : Yes, i am. 

Caller : Hi, im ** from team Uniqlo (once i heard Uniqlo, i was so excited) and wish to inform you that you are one of the two Grand Prize winner! 

Me : Oh really! Thank you so much (add on excited tune, blurred lines)

Team Uniqlo : Congratulations. You need to be at Fahrenheit 88 tomorrow (Friday) at 9.45 am, as the shopping spree will happen at 10 am. (i was like, eh, esok kan Jumaat, susah tu nak ke KL hari2 keje nih)

Me : Owh, can i bring my family along? Can i buy some stuff for them too?

Caller : Sure, why not, but only the winner will get the chance to do the shopping with Nora Danish ya. 

Me : Ok. So its tomorrow right? Friday?

Caller : Oh my gosh, Im so sorry. Its on Saturday, not tomorrow! Sorry, i was so excited, i thought today is Friday! 

Me : (control jgn gelak terbahak2) hehe.. its okay. Saturday better then. Just a short drive from here to Fahrenheit. 

Caller : Ok then, i will email the details shortly. Again, congratulations :) 

Me : Thank you! 

It was contest at Uniqlo Malaysia facebook, and i thought, hmm, why not? I am a fan of Uniqlo's UT collection, and with RM500 to spend, i'll get to add the collection, at the same time, meeting one of Malaysia's favourite actress. Frankly i dont really know what to say to her, as this is the first time that i had a chance to spend like a hour shopping with someone famous.

Come Saturday, we make our way to Fahrenheit 88 and arrived there around 5 minutes to 10 am. I thought im gonna be late, and we rushed to Uniqlo entrance (the one facing the Pavi) only to find that i still have time to go around first, before doing the shopping. Awesome, i can pre-pick items that i wanted to. They have kids collection too (on sale, tshirts like only RM12 mcm tu) but mind you, most of the collections here in the store they wont restock, meaning whatever u find on the shelves, thats it. So whenever they mentioned about new collection, you need to come and check them out soonest. Why? i'll share with you later..

UT summer collections up for grab!

Malaysia's Uniqlo brand Ambassador : Nora Danish 

the store open @ 11am, so i have like 45 minutes/an hour to do some shopping with her

Once i've been introduced to her, its straight to business. She was accompanied with 2 of her assistants, and the other winner has already concluded her shopping earlier. 

So what should i say to her? Can i ask her something, what to ask lah?

Well, guess what, i didnt ask that much. We just chat casually, and she's friendly alright, but maybe our fashion taste is not the same. Haha.. In short, she likes orange pants, and pink shirts. Err.. masa bila pulak nak pakai suar kaler camtu kan? haha.. 

So we 'argued' along the session, as she thought im a 'M' size, but im really a 'L' size guy. Yes, i can fit into 'M', but ok, imagine wrapping a jackfruit with a shirt.. ahaa.. u got my point. but she's ok with my choice, and went along to look for another item she could recommend to me. Ok rambang mata memilih kat sini. I love their unique collection. Especially on Corporation Collaboration and Anime (which famously known as UT collection). Nah, you cant be that old to try them out. After all, those Star Wars tee is meant for us 70's babies!

Well, since we were the only 'customers' allowed to be inside, 
why not posing an extra shot with her? :)

Once i've picked a UT shirt and a pants, i need to pose with her. So basically, its a shopping-posing-smile-chat a bit-smile-posing session :P

My family weren't allowed to follow us around, as only the winner got the chance to do so. Wifey didnt mind at all, since i've let them to pick some of their favorites too. Share-share lah. I need not much of new shirts anyway.  

the two grand prize winners!

Once the store open to public, fans rushed in to have an opportunity to take some pics with their favourite actress.

While waiting, we (me and my family) continue looking around  for few more items to add to the list

10 consolations winners, a free UT shirt each, and a chance to shot with UT Camera together with her.

Tote bag and her autograph, for all winners. Tote bag tu, nak dapt kena beli RM200 keatas.

Thats about all. Something for everyone. I wish i could buy more (its the middle of the month laa..) (parking free, since i've 'spent' more than RM300 @ Uniqlo :P) blh mintak kat Information Counter.

You can view it here

A money cant buy experience. My sincere thanks to Uniqlo for the opportunity, and all the best for your career and in life too, Nora Danish.  Thanks for shopping with us! :)


  1. Wah, Che sudah pandai lepak ngan artis skarang .Tak mainla rakyat marhaen cm kitaorang hehe.


  2. Lol :P no lah Doc. still same ol' me. Just lucky i guess. :)