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Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 - and we survived!

Over the weekend, me and my team mates took part in an event, first of its kind, held at Canyon Paintball, in Bukit Utama. Although its called Zombie Run, its not actually a distance running, but more like a challenge, the obstacle were zombies, other runners and the geographical area itself. Its team of five, and I was their Captain. 

This is the first time im teaming up with Morjan and Syuk, which I’ve known them being a strong runner, but not into something like this. My buddies Elah and Fakri, both strong paddlers and strong racers. It turns out the formation went well, except I didn’t get there earlier so that we don’t get much to talk before it started. My strategy was to -- *beep* (like I would share it with you :P ) but if we were to carry out the idea, we would have been victorious! 

Arrived few minutes late (bad traffic all the way to be blamed), the briefing already started. Frantic calls coming from my team mates, as we (me n syuk) were trying to get to that place desperately. I know Bandar Utama quite well, but the road leading to Centrepoint kind a blur a bit.

 among the booth open that day. Volunteering anyone? (dpt tshirt free) :)

 SAYS what? :P they were here too!

Once there, we hastily put on our gears and strategize a bit. Before we started, I decided to divide ourselves into smaller group and there were 5 zones that we needed to go into, and safely come out of it with designated colour token. Well, it didn’t go well as planned. Once the zombie started chasing us, it’s every man for himself.

There were few types of zombies. Among them are Sari Aunty, Miss Universe and bride zombie. One who just walks slowly and didn’t bother to grab your flag, one that screams out of ’its’ lung and the one that really chase you around, I mean until it grab your life strap! Some of these zombies are runners too, so dont you think u need to be atleast fitter than them in order to avoid being chased down? :P Captains have two of them (life straps), while the other members of the group have one each. Losing it, you are as good as ‘dead’.

Watch out for these particular zombies that will chase you, i mean, really chase you down! there were zombies that get over excited and chase you down no matter what, breaking the rules of no physical contact between them. All the risk should have been told to both runners and zombies beforehand. Some zombies complained they were kicked back, slapped while they did the same to runners too! 

 dont tell me you're not afraid of them! surreal makeup!

 now Clown zombie! thats horrible! :P

Zone 1 was effortless, since the zombie aint moving, but the rest of the zone were a bit challenging, especially zone 4 and 5. We regroup right after, to make sure everyone still has their life strap, and checking who got the ‘token’ for their respective zone.  

Many were thinking by joining this run it just only fun run event, without thinking of the risk it involved. Few were hospitalized (some were severely injured), mainly due to the pushing and blindly jump somewhere to make sure the zombie didn’t get the life strap.  The last wave seen many youngsters (prolly around 15 yrs old) took part, which they might get pushed by much older runners. An age limit should have been imposed to ensure the safety of much younger runner. A category for their age might be a good idea as they will fight among themselves and stands a better chance of surviving.

For Zone 2, Elah and Syuk took the challenge while me, Morjan and Fakri proceed to Zone 4  and 5. There were no signage or whatever, and there were lots ( I mean lots) of false information being pass around the runners, causing us to go and check the area few times (which you need not doing so once u get all 5 colored chips (token). We went for Zone 3 the last, and Fakri emerged shortly with a token in his hand.  And once we done, someone said “No, u have to wait 45 minutes before you can even submit them chips”. Bodo! I won’t listen to you. I just went ahead to the Start/Finish line and submitted our tokens and timing. As the time we submitted our tokens, only 3 teams were successfully completed the course with every member still ‘alive’. 

 scene from Zone 4. Stop and think what to do first :P

 watch out, above you!

 depending on your wave, as at this wave, the zombies are pretty energetic!

 eh Zombie Makcik Nasi Lemak pun ader? :P

 even inside those bushes!
Basically, move as fast as you can, watch your back, and dont touch/push/slap/kick others in the process (including the zombies) :P 

Many were frustrated as they were ‘killed’ as early as few minutes after they got into the zone. As I said, bigger and longer course would ensure everyone enjoy the run and will share good feedback once it’s over. It’s better than having a whole group of disgruntled runners who paid a pricy fee and dead (kick out from the run) in few minutes after it started. I don’t know about you, but for RM75, I get to enjoy a Half Marathon distance run for that matter (which took about 2hrs and 30 minutes to complete) :).  It don’t have to be in a bushes or jungle-themed, but ‘outbreak’ can happened inside a city too kan? Let say Putrajaya? (lots of office building, lots of spaces, less public during the weekend) :) after all, the zombie is protecting the area where the token is located, and not the whole city, right? 

This is how you'll lose your life strap easily

At least the organizer should have put up a water station somewhere along the course or at the Start/Finish area. An iced cold Milo would certainly be great ‘reward’ after running for your life in a humid environment. The idea of putting up booth for selling food is kind a, out of place as those finishing their wave just went straight back, either to Centrepoint or One Utama to have their snacks and drinks, and those came for afternoon, evening waves  already had their lunch before going there.
Overall it was fun and challenging and exciting you must say. As it’s the first time and there’s lot of room for improvements, im sure the 2nd edition would be much more kick-a**. I just wish that those who wish to take part, bare in mind its not a fun run or something like that, its more like an adventure race or trail run, with obstacles and risk of getting injured is high. Thank god our team managed to finish it without any of our life strap being grabbed by the zombie and injury-free, but the timing isn’t that good. There’s always next time kan? Well, we’ll try again next year for sure.

Once done, we collected our ‘beautiful’ goody bags and I went to ask Lord Zombie himself whether we should wait for the result. As he mentioned that there will be only one winner, I guess our time don’t really stand a chance (we might have spent like 15 to 20 minutes inside there) so we decided to go back. What’s suprising is that, Centrepoint doesn’t have a Surau, and that one of the thing that the Organizer should have take note. And it’s not 7 minutes’ walk from Centrepoint, more like 15 minutes (more or less).

Im sure with better management and better sponsorships, this event would certainly be one that everyone will talk about later.

with the 'Lord Zombie ChaCha'

Oh ya, the winning team called Band of Brothers, with a stunning record time of completion : 14 minutes with all life spared. Only 10 teams out of 200 teams that took part got perfect score, and we proud to say we are one of them! Wohoo! Top 10. We'll win this next year! :P

Team Budget Good-Good :P

News clipping here

Enjoy this vids credit to Ramon Fadli :

Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 from Ramon Fadli on Vimeo.

And another one : credit to runningtortoise

Picture credits to Youth on Unity

yeah! we are in the club! :P

First time ever! although someone claimed that its been done before in Terengganu, but I don’t think its as big as this :) Kudos for the organizer. This is not a Halloween party to compare with. Surreal makeup! Nicely dress-up zombie! (ala-ala macam dalam Walking Dead < which im a big fan) and in fact, i thought i was running for my life in a zombie drama! :P

We survived the apocalypse! Yup, all our life ‘strap’ was intact! Aint that a feat!

Love them tee (better if Dri-fit). Wonder why Malindo air didn’t give free tickets (commencing in March 2013) :P 

RM30 for Just Pie! But we will only get to enjoy it after 25th March (within a week). Sigh.. 

Lucky draw after each wave! Malaysian love freebies.. lol … (isn’t that a must have in every event?) :P

Meant for those really fit and athletic. Otherwise, you are just a ‘dead meat’. Fast paced ensures your survival. Again, this is no Fun Run on Saturday morning okeh.. 

Get the local radio stations involved. Good for publicity. Get those FlyFM Troopers, or SuriaFM Wheels (for example) to come and do side activities. They come for free (only need to keep em update on the event). Still keep the participants limited. People will get over excited :P 

Those bibs can be recycle. We need not to use it after that. 

Luggage counter please?


Briefing was not that clear (better PA system next time) or brief captains instead. We'll know what to say to our team members. As i said, once those Zombies start chasing you, everyone forget their team mate :P

Not sure about the timing for each team. Need to record everything inside a laptop or a tab or something. Faster to tally result something like that. Then result can be announced sooner. Having them written on paper,  well, they might lost it somewhere.

No warm up, which easily leads to injury. Warm up was mentioned during the 'courtesy call'. Better impose on that.

No banner, signage to guide the runners to the venue. Atleast a banner at the entrance to the Bukit Utama residential area, or main junctions leading to the venue. 

Fee RM75 and there’s only one ultimate team winner. Atleast top 3 teams should have got something. It may be RM100 per team or whatever, but winning is something! :P 

Marshalls weren’t enough. Therefore, few claims that those that already ‘dead’ still fighting for the token and gave em to their partner, thus, shortage of token. Boo cheaters! 

Not soo easy to pull the life strap off your back, but the bib got rip off easily instead. Would a belt works better? 

Small space. Do it at much bigger facility over a longer distance :P Smaller space, challenging, but prone to injuries as everyone pushing and trying their best not to be ‘dead’.  Scary. 

Didn’t find the Market Place. Everyone busy looking for the marshal that gave out the token instead. 

Safe zone wasn’t clearly marked/informed. A tent with medic attending an injured runners were stormed by a zombie, and causes more injuries instead! 

Promised a medal, but we got a key chain instead (it peel off easily)

Those who cause injuries to others should have been disqualified. They weren’t. Some were playing fair. Others just don’t care as long as their team win. 

Should have asked the Captain of the team to show all the bib of its team mate to confirm how much ‘lives’ the team actually has, not just verbal proof from its captain. 

Goodies are OK. That 8GB thumbdrive(s) deserve a thumbs(drive) up! 

Sell them tickets online. It’s a hassle to go the ticket counter (waste money, time, fuel) and have to face with bad traffics. Charge a small fee, ppl don’t mind. Trust me. Better than going to hunt it down, and found out that its already sold out. Right? and, all you need is  your ID for registration during the race day, whats the purpose of the tickets then? Its fun la when your house is 10 min away driving. but its the complete opposite if you need to drive half and hour just for that tickets. Get what i mean?

Let us know what are the prizes that we ‘put our life on the line’ for? Atleast we ‘died’ knowing what we actually fight for, right? Some said Ipad Mini, some say other things. It can easily be manipulated, and we won’t know right? Im not accusing, just suggesting :) I trust you wont do something like that. And what im suggesting based on my experience. 

And when you promised medals, it should be at least a plastic/wood/pewter/iron kind a medal (with a lanyard). Not a keychain. 

A dri-fit tee would be awesome goodies to have, as I would wear that everywhere I go and help promoting this event, FOC. A cotton one, hmm.. lets say its too humid in Malaysia to wear it regularly. 

Courtesy call is not necessary. Email is fine.

Just fill in a form with 5 columns, for registration. Easier no? Then ask the participant to make the payment, and each team got their registration number. Done. No need tickets for that matter. Better yet, email the soft copy of the form together with indemnity form, have them submitted during the race day. Settle.

Ensure sufficient tokens, goodies, etc.

(these Cons were extracted from those giving reviews at Zombie Run 2013 Malaysia Facebook’s wall and my own opinion).

Well, I do hope the organizer will improve and not seeing all the comments as a negative one. We, on the other hand, still register and took part in this event in the first place, even though many choose not to put their trust is such ‘first time’ event such as this. For me, what Lord Zombie did was awesome and salutes him to bravely organize something like this. Please, next time, make it even harder! Haha.. what say you?

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Entries for - I love Putrajaya

Here are my entries for the said contest, which you need to post either still image or a video and submit it to the

A city with picturesque greenery

The Best City - Putrajaya 

Picturesquely Urban

City of Diversity

Although i think i might not stand a chance, but i think its worth sharing, who knows, you might be voted as one of the best picture?

This is the project im doing with the help of a friend, Sazmie, who willingly bring his camera bag and spent 3 hours on Saturday morning around parks in Putrajaya to get these shots. I might post another pic or two, but i think thats the best shots so far.

Last but not least, your kind vote is very much appreciated :)


and Gong Xi Fa Chai to my dear readers celebrating Chinese New Year.