Monday, June 17, 2013

Shopping Spree @ Uniqlo with.... Nora Danish!

What : Shopping Spree @ Uniqlo

Where : Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, KL

When : 15 June 2013 (Saturday)

Who : Nora Danish, Actress, TV Host

Ok before we go to the main story, just want to share what happened few days earlier, this one during a phone conversation. 

Thursday,  13 June 2013

Caller : Hi, is this Ahmad Daud?

Me : Yes, i am. 

Caller : Hi, im ** from team Uniqlo (once i heard Uniqlo, i was so excited) and wish to inform you that you are one of the two Grand Prize winner! 

Me : Oh really! Thank you so much (add on excited tune, blurred lines)

Team Uniqlo : Congratulations. You need to be at Fahrenheit 88 tomorrow (Friday) at 9.45 am, as the shopping spree will happen at 10 am. (i was like, eh, esok kan Jumaat, susah tu nak ke KL hari2 keje nih)

Me : Owh, can i bring my family along? Can i buy some stuff for them too?

Caller : Sure, why not, but only the winner will get the chance to do the shopping with Nora Danish ya. 

Me : Ok. So its tomorrow right? Friday?

Caller : Oh my gosh, Im so sorry. Its on Saturday, not tomorrow! Sorry, i was so excited, i thought today is Friday! 

Me : (control jgn gelak terbahak2) hehe.. its okay. Saturday better then. Just a short drive from here to Fahrenheit. 

Caller : Ok then, i will email the details shortly. Again, congratulations :) 

Me : Thank you! 

It was contest at Uniqlo Malaysia facebook, and i thought, hmm, why not? I am a fan of Uniqlo's UT collection, and with RM500 to spend, i'll get to add the collection, at the same time, meeting one of Malaysia's favourite actress. Frankly i dont really know what to say to her, as this is the first time that i had a chance to spend like a hour shopping with someone famous.

Come Saturday, we make our way to Fahrenheit 88 and arrived there around 5 minutes to 10 am. I thought im gonna be late, and we rushed to Uniqlo entrance (the one facing the Pavi) only to find that i still have time to go around first, before doing the shopping. Awesome, i can pre-pick items that i wanted to. They have kids collection too (on sale, tshirts like only RM12 mcm tu) but mind you, most of the collections here in the store they wont restock, meaning whatever u find on the shelves, thats it. So whenever they mentioned about new collection, you need to come and check them out soonest. Why? i'll share with you later..

UT summer collections up for grab!

Malaysia's Uniqlo brand Ambassador : Nora Danish 

the store open @ 11am, so i have like 45 minutes/an hour to do some shopping with her

Once i've been introduced to her, its straight to business. She was accompanied with 2 of her assistants, and the other winner has already concluded her shopping earlier. 

So what should i say to her? Can i ask her something, what to ask lah?

Well, guess what, i didnt ask that much. We just chat casually, and she's friendly alright, but maybe our fashion taste is not the same. Haha.. In short, she likes orange pants, and pink shirts. Err.. masa bila pulak nak pakai suar kaler camtu kan? haha.. 

So we 'argued' along the session, as she thought im a 'M' size, but im really a 'L' size guy. Yes, i can fit into 'M', but ok, imagine wrapping a jackfruit with a shirt.. ahaa.. u got my point. but she's ok with my choice, and went along to look for another item she could recommend to me. Ok rambang mata memilih kat sini. I love their unique collection. Especially on Corporation Collaboration and Anime (which famously known as UT collection). Nah, you cant be that old to try them out. After all, those Star Wars tee is meant for us 70's babies!

Well, since we were the only 'customers' allowed to be inside, 
why not posing an extra shot with her? :)

Once i've picked a UT shirt and a pants, i need to pose with her. So basically, its a shopping-posing-smile-chat a bit-smile-posing session :P

My family weren't allowed to follow us around, as only the winner got the chance to do so. Wifey didnt mind at all, since i've let them to pick some of their favorites too. Share-share lah. I need not much of new shirts anyway.  

the two grand prize winners!

Once the store open to public, fans rushed in to have an opportunity to take some pics with their favourite actress.

While waiting, we (me and my family) continue looking around  for few more items to add to the list

10 consolations winners, a free UT shirt each, and a chance to shot with UT Camera together with her.

Tote bag and her autograph, for all winners. Tote bag tu, nak dapt kena beli RM200 keatas.

Thats about all. Something for everyone. I wish i could buy more (its the middle of the month laa..) (parking free, since i've 'spent' more than RM300 @ Uniqlo :P) blh mintak kat Information Counter.

You can view it here

A money cant buy experience. My sincere thanks to Uniqlo for the opportunity, and all the best for your career and in life too, Nora Danish.  Thanks for shopping with us! :)

Avengers Treasure Hunt 2013

What : Avengers Treasure Hunt

Where : Prince Court Medical Centre, KL

Who : Me, Morjhan and my munchkins, age 5+ n 8yrs old. 

I came to know about this event from a radio ads via Mix FM and thought to myself  "well, there’s always a first time for something".. and for that, i decided to take part in a treasure hunt, along with my kids. Ha! I dont really know what to expect, except that i told them we gonna go for a ‘run’ and they buy it. The thing is that, its not much of a running, but more to clue solving, and since the venue is limited within the compound of the Prince Court, i got nothing much to worry. Morjhan was the 4th member, completing a team with 2 adults and 2 children aged 6 - 15 years old.

Breakfast is served, and there's no admission fee for this one. 

can u guess this team's theme?

Yup, u can guest by the name of the event, its a theme event, therefore, one of us need to be face-paint with logo/drawing to represent our group. Although the queue isnt that long, it sure take some time to face-paint the participants, and our team only get a hand-paint, with a Flash logo, representing a member of the Justice League! Alahh.. i wanted that Green Lantern drawing, but its already 10 am and briefing going to start soon. In any race, you need to listen to every details mentioned during the briefing, even the tiniest simple thing could be something important during the race, like how many pieces of puzzle we need to collect, etc. 

While waiting, we went around a bit, yelah, not everyday you'll get the chance to come here right..? 

We are team Justice League!

Each team were given a paper bag each, along with stationeries, wet wipes,  and the first piece of the puzzle. All together, we need to get 10 pieces of that puzzle to complete the hunt. Once all the team had their paper bag, the race is on!... Event started around 10.30 am, and most of us (actually, all the teams) didnt know what the answer to the first clue!

First clue goes like this – 2nd last port before going home. Well, we guessed that it must be the pharmacy or the payment counter before you can be discharge from this place. But none of the marshal were there, so that cant be right.


But there’s a place call discharge lounge, located at the end of the long hall.

Task, word search puzzle. Yup, words related to Avengers la. What else.

Once done, 2nd clue goes like this – Up, up and away!! 
Theres a heli pad just next to the entrance, and that was where the next task is.

Here, parent need to wear an eye patch provided, and one of the kids needed to prepare a ‘meal’ and serve it to their parent. I can taste banana n marshmallow at first, then something spicy with soy sauce maybe, but i have no idea what other ingredients my son put in it. 

Ok proceed to the next one : 


The highest level customer can park – went for B1 parking, but instead the right place is B2 parking. A photocopy picture of a villian were given, clue was – he love iron?
Err, i know a villain with magnetism as a power, so i guess it must be Magneto! Correct!

CP 4 was just outside the green compound at the back, and we need to solve an easy labyrinth puzzle in order to get the next clue.

CP 5 Built a 3 cm tower out of these toothpicks. 

CP 6 International Business Lounge :
Figured that the clue related to foreign languages, so there's must be a business center or something. 

CP 7  Radiotheraphy was the right place! Again, we were lost, as our guesses prolly at Nuclear department or something to do with gamma thing, u know.

we dressed hariz with a 2 minutes superhero costume, not knowing this task also offers an 
extra award for best costume! but ours cincai jer!

CP 8 : Doctor's Pitstop : Doctor's Lounge. Draw your favourite Avengers! We drew Spidey face. Eh, belasah jer. Janji marshal kata ok.

CP 9 : just next to CP 8. some sort of symbol that you need to put them together to get the right sentence.

 Morjhan cracking his head trying to find the answer. This one a bit tricky
Final CP! From the clue, i knew we need to get back to the auditorium! Remember those puzzle pieces we collected along the way, now we need to complete it and present it to the last CP's marshal!

Four teams arrived the last CP together, and the skill to put the puzzle together was tested at that very moment! Team Hulk n Team Xmen beats us to it, and we secured 3rd few seconds after. Sipi lagi nak menang!

We waited for the others to get back, and a short prize giving ceremony held inside the auditorium around 1.30 pm. 

 Team Justice League!

Even the other teams gets a hamper each for joining this hunt. Extra awards given to the best picture, best costume and best team co-operation.

A lunch buffet was also served. Not too shabby lah kan? After all, we join this for free, and didnt go home empty handed (or empty stomach).
The hunt was pretty much easy, just for an outing with my munckins per say. Everyone had fun, and went home tummy full. Thanks to Prince Court for hosting such event for us.

p/s : more photo's might be uploaded once available. :) 

Outdoor Laser Tag Challenge - We flunked!

What : After Earth Outdoor Laser Tag Challenge

Where : Awana Resort, Genting Highland

When : 1st June 2013 (Saturday)

Few familiar faces were present, from TS Dayout Geng to Hardrore Compers Geng, and we met 2 new friends, Amirul n Marwan, to complete our 10 men-team. Gagah rasa. Xde pompuan dalam team kitaorg. Prolly that would be our biggest disadvantage? Why would i said that? Read on to find out why..

wonder what are they looking at?

All ready n excited!

Prizes up for grab!

Registration began around 8 am, each participant gets a backpack, a tee, a lanyard with our team number. We were team no. 8!

Smile, you are on candid camera!

Janji menang posing!

the equipment

waiting anxiously..

First round started around 9.15 am, and we had a good time laughing at those team that start first.

This game isnt that phsical, by right, you might just have to duck and wait for someone to peek (targeting their hat or gun) and you'll gonna hit him/her. But time, time is of essance, each round is limited to 5 minutes, and towards the end one of the team might tend to do sort a suicide mission or something.

Why this game isnt that phsical (and painless too, except heartache of not winning the grand prize of course) simply because the gun just shooting out infra red and when you got hit, an 'ouch' sound means that you have been hit. Unlike paintball, a sharp shooter to any part of you body gonna leave a temporary mark, but for this game, as long as the sensor can detect other player's gun or hat, you are done. A skull sign at the small display on

Short briefing were given on the rules and do and don't, the gun and the sensors. Each gun has 15 magazines (1000 bullets) and you'll get 10 life each. There's 2 mode of firing, single and semi auto (we were advised to used the latter). The gun will be automatically deactivated once you are 'dead'.

 Simple kan? Well, it feels like it at first.  

We were the noisiest, loudest, Rambo-like, havoc team that day!

There were 3 rounds each. first 3 minutes was for a test round, and the couple of rounds later, the actual 'war'. The actual round lasted for 5 minutes each, and winner of course, with the highest points.

its getting hot..

We almost win the first round, everything went well, until it went down to 3 vs 1, meaning that we still left with 3 members and the opponent's team left with one. and all 3 of us had an empty magazine. peluru habis sudah. So we couldnt 'kill' that last guy! Urggh!! just imagine how frustrated we were, and we (3 of us) got killed by this one guy alone. Memang Rambo sungguh perasaan dia time tu, im sure of it!

Team 8 in action

2nd round started a bit slow, as everyone were patiently waiting for the other part to make a move and try to be defensive. 3 minutes left on the clock. We made a first move and the rest is history. The thing is that, you only heard the 'ouch' 'ouch' sound and the next thing you know, you are out of the game. As for me, i survived both rounds, but our team didnt. We lost by a small margin of points. It was a sudden death match, meaning you need to win to qualify for the 2nd level, later of the day.

 just point and shoot.. just point and shoot..

aim carefully with the blue dot marker..

Peng! Peng! Peng!! Amik kaww!! Dont do this if you are playing paintball yerr.. 

Haha.. yes. acted like a Rambo team or something, all strategise or something, flunked it on the first round. Menang gaya orang kata. Peh!

Enjoy the vid i took during the game, between two other teams. 

It was a fun (kind a tiring a bit) session i must say. Prolly because of the heat.

Only 12 team turn up that day, (suppose to be 20 teams) so the game ended much earlier for much awaited lunch, a scrumptious buffet at the Rajawali Restaurant. 


We didnt wait up for the next level, as everyone has something else to do that evening (dah kalah, xde mood sebenarnya) so we just follow latest updates from Morjhan's FB status instead.

Turn out Morjhan wife's team made it to Semi Final round! Perghh, but sadly, didnt make it to the final.

Prizes is for top 3 individuals, and the winners are : 

Congratulations! You guys are the best!

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia and Awana Resort Genting for the kind invitation, and looking forward to take part in any future events.

Ok continue excited mood. I got chosen as one of the participant for the Hot FM Taklukan Pejabat 'After Earth'! Well, atleast i won this one right? :) Update on this will follow. 

*Update : till this date, i didnt get any follow-up call from Hot FM. Not sure what went wrong. Im sure that guy called me up and said im one of the winner. Humm.. i dont feel like making havoc out of it. Let see what happen next! Yup. called him again, was not in the office, left a message for him to call me back. So lets wait! :) 

Have a great week everyone!

More pictures : Sony Pictures Malaysia 
Photo credit : Sony Pictures Malaysia Facebook

p/s : There will be 3 posts altogether. Something interesting in the 3rd post. (hopefully by today)