Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beat The Heat, Keep Your Cool

Even though the haze has slowly disappear, the heat seems to stay (atleast for couple of months to come, before the monsoon season), so, why dont you come out with something awesome, on how to stay cool and keep the heat away (other than putting out the fire that burning someplace) :P

Ok, the closing date is tomorrow! haha.. its always my intention to share this the very last minute, so that you wont get a chance! nahh.. im too nice to do that. got a lot to catch up, only today i manage to snap the pic and do a post on this. i'll try to update much earlier next time.

While at it, check out Levi's new jeans :

" The Levi's® Brand is launching COOL JEANS, an innovative denim collection specifically crafted to combat sweltering hot weather. 
The collection features advanced technologies that limit irritability while optimizing comfort, creating the most functional denim collection. "

For more updates on COOL JEANS, follow Levi's® on Facebook and Twitter and get more info from the Levi's® Malaysia website.

nice aint it?

pics, screenshots are sourced from Levi's

more info on the contest : head to this link 

All the best then?

ehh.. wait up.. what about my entry? here it is.. 

haha.. ok. i think you guys can do better :P have a pleasant night. tschuss!

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