Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fear Factor Malaysia (Blogger's Edition) Part Two

As i promised in the Part  One of Fear Factor Malaysia (blogger's edition) here is a sums up video of what happened in the first day of Fear Factor Roadshow in Sunway Pyramid.

credit to Kifli Maly for this video. Ko mmg ohsem!

I will be posting a YouTube link in case i manage to upload it online (or found one). For the time being, u need to download it first to view it. But its worth it! especially those coming for the morning session on Saturday 15th.

I will be writing few more posts, among others a tribute to two winners for Kuantan's Road Show. Who are they? you might have to wait for my next post. :P

Good news. U might wish to go for Penang and JB for the next Fear Factor Malaysia Roadshow! Yup, 2 more roadshow babeh!

A friend told me that its gonna be on 12th Jan 2013 (saturday) in Penang, whereby JB prolly the week after (tbc).

All the best! U might (might not) seeing me there.. haha.. tempting betul nak menang iphone :P Fakri lah ni dok meracun. Hish. :P