Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fear Factor Malaysia (Blogger's Edition) Part One

What : Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia Road Show (Blogger's Edition)
also known as Fear Factor Fearless Challenge
Where : Sunway Pyramid
When : 15 December 2012
from 10 am - 1 pm

Arrived  around 9.20am and met Dyat and Adam who'd arrived earlier. 30 bloggers gets a special invitation to take part in a challenge called Astro's Fear Factor Fearless Challenge and we will be competing to be the top 3 bloggers that will walk away with gadgets and cash! Neat huh?

 im so excited!

 the tent

 just being silly
 are you brave enuf?

Dyat and Adam
 Rules and Regulation

 Today's programme

Once we fill the registration form, we were given a tee and a wrist band. During the registration, a member of the public mistakenly registered to take part, where by the morning session only meant for us, bloggers only. Thats how eager people want do take part, but the session for public only open after our session's ends.

 lucky no 14?

 yours truly posing isi masa

Im just being creative

Dyat always with his creative pose!

Free flow of Moutain Dew

killing boredom

say : Fear Factor!!

 3 marbles in 30 seconds. R u game?

We had a warm-up session and a group photo session first and after a short briefing, the challenge starts!

Live feeds were broadcasted during the challenge, but you dont really have any idea what's the person is doing inside the room.

 There are 4 challenges that needed to be completed, and you need to find 3 marbles buried under the soil in 30 seconds in order to proceed to the next 3 challenges inside the Fear Factor rooms. My turn was right after Dyat's and im lucky to complete it just in time.

What are the 3 other challenges? Should i share? or shouldnt? or you wish to see what really happened in there?

I managed to complete all the challenges, only with bad timing. Must have been top 5 atleast, but most definitely not the top 3 :( . Must have been gasping too long inside the last room. But, the satisfaction of completion is overwhelming, especially what i had to dealt with in the last room. Freaking geli geleman something like that! :P That thing is all around! and i event accidentally touched it while looking for the key. Its not just a challenge. its how i cope with my fear in 60 seconds to complete it. It was tough!

Ok. sesi rubbing-rubbing shoulder with celebrities that were present that day :

 Dyat rubbing2 shoulder with Zawen

 man, can u see how big is Zawen's arm is?

with Mejar Dr. Faiz

Had a chance to a short chat with Mejar Dr. Faiz (man, he is a friendly chap) and asked him about his experience during the filming of Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia show in Cape Town, South Africa. He replied : whatever you see in the snippet, times the difficulty by 10! I was gasping! Really? He nodded, and added that it was totally challenging and tough! No wonder Didie Alias was making that face in one of the snippet. i guess it must have been so tough for her to complete that challenge.  Now i know how its feel like. Thats the reason why i didnt go for a 2nd day Roadshow. (tetiba) Nahh.. no more snakes challenge for me :P
Btw Mejar Dr. Faiz partnering with Jehan Miskin in the show, but he couldnt be there due to other commitments. Bummer. I always wanted to get a picture with him.. haha.

 the celebrities that were present that day
(L-R - Azri AF9, Alam WAKAKA Crew, Mejar Dr. Faiz and Zawen)

while waiting for the announcement for top 3 bloggers that won today's challenge, a side challenge were conducted by the celebrities. The challenge, find a key inside an aquarium in the fastest time possible. 

 Side challenge - find a key in an aquarium

 he was struggling..

but he got the fastest time!

 'Sahabat' audition was held alongside the event.

And while waiting for the winner's announcement, me and Dyat took some time to visit Cold Storage for a lil 'contest' assignment. We returned to the venue and were given a light refreshment. Soon after, its time! Now i didnt put my hope too high since i know there's few more bloggers that havent finished after i've completed the challenge and they might stand a chance to win too.  

and the winner goes to... (drumroll).. Kifli!

these prizes are for the Bloggers challenge only. Missing out? 
register yourself at Nuffnang and took part in lots of fun n exciting events!

Others who didnt win gets to bring home goodies from Astro. Personally, i think its all about how a person can overcome his/her fear in a short period of time (60 seconds) and walk tall to be talking about it. err.. i dont dare to recall about what i did inside. Nop. once is enough.. haha.. enuf said. Zip. No comment.

Once our session ended around 2 pm, the member of the public were invited to take part as well. I had to rush back since my in-laws will be visiting that day :P 

  i've done all the above.. ha! dont ask me if im still afraid of snakes :P

adding my badges collection

inside the snake cage. Im in a freaking dont-really-know-how-what-to-say situation! 
only those who completed all the challenges walks away with this momento

 always my favourite supporters

Oh you might still have a chance to win an X-box, an Iphone 5 and an i-Pad 2! Visit their roadshow this weekend (22-23 December) at Dataran Telok Cempedak, Kuantan.More info visit their FB or Twitter page.
Say hi in the comment and i might share with you few tips and tricks on how to overcome the challenges :) hey, its all depends on your timing and luck! who knows kan?

 Catch Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia beginning this 29th December, 9 pm on Astro Ria.

update : best of all, i got featured in one of the vids : check em out : *ngee*

also, read about my fellow blogger's experience here and here

Coming up in Part 2 : Our video during the Challenge! 


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