Thursday, December 13, 2012

2nd Selangor Coastal Delicious Food & Travel Expo

Where : Huge tent by the Car Park area, outside AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang

When : 1st and 2nd December 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)

Theme : Chinese and Halal Food

We arrived around 1pm, just when the lucky draw session for that evening, starts. Dang! Smartphone tu dia bg okeh. Oh well, im still here with free coupons, thanks to Tourism Selangor, so we gonna enjoy eating – from 8 vendors at this Halal section.

Im covering the event mainly for this section, newly introduced for the first time and positive feedback is needed to ensure that next year they will continue having this section there. This event organized by Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Come earlier next year okeh!

 Coupon can easily bought at these counter

Once saying hi to the Foodie Clan (u know who you are) I went to look for lunch. My 7 years old opted for 2 pieces of Ayam Goreng (RM5) and I ordered a plate of Sate (10 pieces – RM7) and rojak pasembor (RM5) with Ais kacang.  Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang (RM5)  wifey try the cendol and chicken wing (5 pieces - RM7). Now that chicken wing is tasty. The only one didn’t bother to eat is my 4 years old. He’s fussy about food. Have a specific menu. Choosy. Ngade2 betul.  Erk! sounds like me? 


pick your choice

drooling yet?

the usual suspects

 how did i missed this one? P

There are also exhibitor’s booth such as from Spritzer, Sabah Tea and even company selling fire extinguisher as well as property developer. 

And I think this seller deserve a credit, atleast this is the first time I’ve seen it :

Whats next? Kordial durian? 

We (wifey and i) took turn ordering more food while the crowd being entertained by performances from group of schoolgirls, which i must say, not bad.  

The rest of the coupons were spent on some Sabah’s Tea packets and tapauing few packets of Mee Jawa, Ayam Goreng and Nasi Lemak for those who weren’t able to join us that day.
I couldn’t stay and wait for the 2nd lucky draw session (that’s right, there's 2 lucky draws session yer) as I need to visit my father who was admitted the night before.

ok i missed this one. famous in Rawang i heard?

Left the venue around 3. Bad crawl exiting the area. Probably because of the construction works going on.

My 2 cents : 

One of the seller quoted that the organizer should have mix more stalls (1Malaysia style la), like the one they have in Setia Alam last time (she didn’t gave me the event name and when) where the reception from public is much better and the crowd is bigger. 

I think the organizer should open more stall for Halal food section, or Halal chinese food where everyone can enjoy eating it without a doubt. I would love having some wantan mee ke, and teh tarik, nasi kandar could be an add- on for nasi lovers like me. Nasi lemak is fine, but nasi kandar is.. (drooling) :P 

Very entertaining performance dari budak2 sekolah yang comel. Wifey kate stok boleh jadi artis bila besar. And talented. Ada yg sumbang but most are good. (3 out of 5 star)

Better signage to guide those looking for Halal food next time.

It would be wasted if the choices of food is limited to only a small section  (for halal food that is).

The organizer should atleast picked sellers with tastier food. Well, maybe different people have different 'selera' but when wifey said tak sedap, then i trust her. :)  I mean seller with signature food that makes people comes for them. Like the best pasembor in Klang for example. Go try the Pasembor in Carrefour (Aeon Big) Alamanda, then you know what i mean :)

The type of food offered should have been listed to ease the visitors/foodies to prepare themselves.. i mean their tummies of what they going to have there. 

Here are the list of the stalls at Halal Section :

1. Sate Kampung | Johan Abdullah TEL.: 013-282 2422
2. Dinamik Cendol
3. Mimi Satay | TEL.: 016-340 6413
4. S.S Mee Jawa Enterprise | Zam TEL.; 012-691 5310
5. Papa Nil Ayam Goreng |
6. Fiza Catering - Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah | Havira Jaya Enterprise
7. Rojak Mamu
Indian stall :
1. Lega Sweets Sdn Bhd (muruku, indian sweets)
(info di atas amik dari blog

Remember I bought that Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang? I tapau’ed it. Ate at home. Supper sedap! Serious. Only if I had eat it earlier there.

Last but not least, again, my sincere thanks to Tourism Selangor for having us there. Im so looking forward for the next makan-makan event.
Now where can I find Apom Lenggang here in Klang Valley? (guggle buat sendirilah) :P