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Malaysia Games Convention 2012 - Nuffnang

Malaysia Games Convention (MaGaCon 2012) was held on 3rd and 4th November 2012 at  Publika, Solaris Dutamas KL and as one of a lucky Nuffnanger, i got tickets to the event, on Sunday. Nuffnang organising this little 'challenge' just for us, and about 8 teams of two will be competing each other for prizes (that i dont know of since i left early) :P.

The tee is super nice!

me and buddy Zahar (my ex Uitm mate)

We arrived around 1.30 pm and registered ourselves in order to get a pass. actually, passes. One for the red one, and the other one is Blue one, for Nuffnang bloggers yer. Chewah. You'll get what i mean at the end of this post :). While waiting for our event to start, we went around and try out some of the 'quest'.

First Quest : Pop the Freeasy Beanie bag

We try to pop the beanie bag, although its impossible (untuk kitaorg yang saiz mcm ni) but someone did pop it the day before, and he weight more than 100kg. Lucky him. Best tu runyuk2 dlm beanie bag yg sangat comfy. I end up having a chest pain! Ouch!

the red beanie

Move on to the next quest. (before that, in and around)

remember this game? its open for anyone to try

oh can i wish this as my birthday gift? :P
You have anything to shout for?

Err. whats he doin here?

2nd Quest : Creed Assassin

Simple one. Although i've played it only in my PSP Go version, but bigger version much cooler. Done in like couple of minutes. im so gonna buy an X-box :P

Best. What else i can say? Only 10 minutes are allowed for each game

Im not making faces, we really did enjoy the session :P (and sittin on a beanie)

Its around 2.30 pm and the moment we have been waiting for is here. Nuffnang Challenge! Every team gets a number and we will be competing each other for highest score in total. There will be 3 challenges altogether, and, here what happened :

1st Challenge - Win against your opponent in Call of Duty.

Trying to score as much point as we could, i was (walau senyum2 dlm gambar) struggling to avoid being killed and at the same time try to kill someone. Its obvious, im the scapegoat :P We lose this one.

2nd Challenge - Huge Jenga, do u have it in you?

We were competing with another female-blogger team, and they were pretty good. Im the one that make the tower crumble, but at first it didnt move when im trying to pull the block out, then, *add crumbling sound* habis! ok next one?

Condifen is a must!

3rd Challenge - Ask any visitors to team up with your team to play any game

I asked a couple of visitors with Red pass to join in their game and basically, we need to dance together (bukan pegang2 tangan la) just join the game and snap our picture to complete the last task. We need to tag MaGaCon in our FB post, and the funny thing was, we both dont have smartphones.. Lol! Brian, one of the officials was kind enough to snap our picture and post em on my behalf! Thank you!

This is an indian song version. Ours are much cooler!

And soon its done, i was challenged by one of the visitors! Theres a quest that needed the visitor to challenge any of the Nuffnang Blogger for any game, and he picked me! wahh.. im so honoured. thank god he didnt choose a board game. Pretty simple arcade game though, and we're done few minutes later. The challenge ended around 5.30 pm and we have to wait for the announcement of winners around 7pm.


Let continue the quest shall we?

3rd Quest : Call of Duty

Lets just say im too old for this? Haha.. Sort of Counter Strike (back during my younger days) but much more interesting. If only i master the keyboard command to play a little better :P Nahh.. im not too old for this. Not enough hours maybe :P And i didnt get any stamp since i didnt win the round. Oh well, i will never win any round at this rate. :P

4th Quest: Coloring the miniature

We were shown the correct way to paint it, and only 3 colours needed to get the stamp. Kacang. And we got this to bring back, plus a blue nice dice with MGC logo on it. Both decorated my car's dashboard nicely.

As for the rest of the quest, we couldn't finish all alas kena balik da, need to buy something for wifey. Left my Nuffnang challenge card with fellow blogger, Aliya for her to submit on our behalf.

My comment : Recommended, provided you had some skills in PC/Console games like Call of Duty and the lucky draw? Best! only they didnt give out any Diablo III set/game that day (or maybe i just missed it). Oh ya, buy early bird tixs, and the tee is awesome! (dri-fit), and if only the place wasnt that cramp.

My sincere thanks to Nuffnang for the invite :) We both had a great time and enjoyed ourselves completing all the challenge (especially the 3rd one) :)

Ok akan pegi beli Call of Duty dan install kat PC nih, so that next year i will beat the crap out of everyone! :P

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