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TS Dayout Little India, Klang

As part of promoting Selangor as one of the best tourist destinations in Malaysia, Tourism Selangor has been organizing monthly outings, known as TSDay Out, targetting locals (or foreigners) that love to join an outing around places of interest in Selangor and get to know up-close what that particular place has to offer. Bloggers/photographers mainly made the corum, besides, its free. You only need to play a certain amount as commitment fee, and you are in. The fee will be returned once you are present on that day. And 6 lucky participants will be rewarded for their best picture of the day. Participants were selected from  Tourism Selangor's Facebook and Twitter, so start following them now if you are not.

I arrived around 7.45am and met with Fariz, Ms. Dian and Nigel for a breakfast at Mahboob. Interesting enough to meet Fariz since he is a runner too!  Had a plate of Nasi Lemak and nescafe tarik. Kenyang.

We gathered at Pizza Hut in Bangsar (the one next to BV) before boarding the bus that took us to Klang. We arrived Klang an hour later, making our first stop at Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple. We were given short briefing by Mr. N.P. Raman, KL and Selangor Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Klang District) Chairman, before taking an opportunity to snap pics of the historical temple.

Mr Raman giving a briefing on the history of the temple 

The Interior. No photo to be taken pointing direct to the statue.

Soon after, by foot, led by Mr. Raman himself, we make our way towards few other historical buildings namely Klang Fire Station, Gedong Raja Abdullah before stopping at Klang Railway Station. A short briefing was given by Ms. Dian of Tourism Selangor on the history of the railway station, and what a resourceful lady she is. She even knew pretty much about the service :P (read : bukan ayat bodek).

hey im watching you too!

they dont make this kind of signage anymore kan?
a florist shop occupied an old coach

Ok. Moving on to the next agenda. Makan. 2nd breakfast actually. and this time at one of the famous kopitiam around, Chong Kok Kopitiam. Im still full from earlier breakfast, so i just go for a nescafe ais and a toast with butter sejuk 1 keping :P (RM 1.80)

view from inside the drink counter

Toast with Butter sejuk 1 keping

We walk passed the Sultan Abdul Aziz Gallery (known as White House of Klang) and i took the opportunity for a photo shot with the guard with a cool uniform. The gallery display royal paraphernalia, artifacts and memorabilia, but it was closed that day.

                                                                                                             Nice kan uniform dia?

            click pic to enlarge and what it means by KM 0

Finally, we are here in Little India! Time shown 5 minutes after 11, and we will be having our lunch at Restoran Archana around 12 pm. Thats also the place we will meet again and submit 5 photos (each person) that were taken around little india, with the theme 'Colours of Rangoli'.

Masjid India Muslim on the background.

Ready, Set, Snap!
I made my way around the stalls selling all kind of variety of things, from clothes and foods and praying equipments, as well as freshly made muruku and tairu! I made my first stop at a stall selling colorful laddu, i end up buying few colored out that actually tasted good (but too sweet for me lah i think). yes. im sweet. terima kasih. whatever. 3 laddus cost me RM2.

The ambiance itself gave this place its own kind of attraction. It is, for your info, a famous shopping area with 100 pre-war shops and an important income generator for Klang. Its kind a bring back the memory back when i was younger, helping out my dad selling burger during such festival at Batu Caves. Except that was at night and they were showing this movie on a white curtain screen afterwards.

 Among other items that were on sale.



There were couple of other events going on during that afternoon, coloring contest for children and cooking competition for the adult. some of the participants were nicely dressed in colorful Sari. 

The day that i finally knew what does Tairu taste like..

As i made my way along row of stalls, i stop at the end of the line, eying this stack of white colored water on display with a note saying, "Tairu, Muru, Available Here" *hehe.. terer tak aku translate?".

I was tempted by the auntie that selling it, she said it taste just like Vitagen, when it mixed with Ribena or Sunquick. Add some sugar (or salt) and walla! it cost me RM2. So i embrace myself for something i never try before in my life, here goes nothing.

*Surrrrpp* *ahhhh* yelah. It taste just like Vitagen! :P and tummy filling too. At this point, i totally forgot about nasi daun pisang lunch and went around looking for something else to try. End up at this stall selling freshly made murukku and give em a try for only rm2 per plastic.  Mmg semua harga makan hari ni RM 2. :P

Its 12.03 pm and its getting hot. So i made my way to Restaurant Archana for nasi daun pisang (banana leaf rice) lunch. we have a choice between fried fish or chicken, served on a banana leaf and mix it with gravy of your choices. as i was mentioned earlier, i am already full. only eat a small portion of it. Rugi weyy..!! Alas, after that an announcement from Ms. Renuga says that we will meet up at the stage around 1.20pm for the closing session. catching up with Hazman on his food blogging experience and few useful tips on blogging too. Thanks!


offers Vege and Non-Vege Menus
Around 2.00 pm the session concluded with the prize giving ceremony to 6 participants with best pictures of the day, each won themselves RM250 cash. Congrats!

We departed Klang for KL around 2.30 pm. 

Its great catching up with bloggers i've met before, and those of newly met, share few thoughts and points, and adding up my knowledge about Klang itself. Being a Selangorian doesnt mean you know everything about Selangor, thus having this kind of outing really and 'eye opener' for Malaysian, that we have interesting places to visit even it just an hour drive away.  Looking forward for more interesting outing next month!

It was raining on our way back,  and reached Bangsar 10 minute before 4. Till next outing.


Abbreviation : 

BV - Bangsar Village
TSDay Out - Tourism Selangor Day Out

 I hope you are 'happy' reading this post, otherwise, i will send you for this treats! :P 
p/s : read the warning sign - *have a nice weekend*

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