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Life & Times Travel KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2012

This will be a double back post, since there's 2 different event on both Sat and Sunday. Hope i dont really bored you to death reading this one :P Have a great Monday! (im off for 3 days, nursing my sick son, down with chicken pox)

Life & Times Travel KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2012 was held for the 2nd time this year, with over150 teams signing up for prizes totalling 14k. All the team will be competing each other using only public transportation (taxi, LRT, bus (no one took the bus i think) and the first team with complete stamps in their passport wins!

Sounds easy right? Well, lets see if u have the 'appetite' to do this :P

 Photogroup session before flag off @ 10 am

 Fellow comper/racer Dyat n team

 Team Burp! Excuse Us!

Photo Hunt

Most of the answers lies inside the Central Market itself, and we are done after 20 minutes. There were 9 Qs related to food/restaurant and 1 general Q. And man how long since i last went inside this place and its now look kind a revived! Fresh kind a way.

Clues. Can u guess the answer based on the pics below?

By completing this task only then you will get your 'passport', clues to where you have to go next.

CP 1 - Mamak's Roti Canai
(CP - Check Points were not in sequence and in order of completion)

Venue : Restaurant Annexe Nasi Kandar, Central Market
Task : Finish two pieces of roti canai and a glass of Teh Tarik

As easy as it sounds, try eating with everyone has their eyes on you, and try to gulp everything down as fast as you could. Elah was the first to take the task, and man, from the way he look, its not that easy. He said that he had to dip that roti canai in the Teh Tarik to make it easier to swallow. Bijak! Took him about 5 minutes.

Moving on. We strategize by taking the furthest CP before doing the nearer on. Alas, CP 8 only open after 12.30 pm. so we have plenty of time before that. While on the train, theres 3 'treasures' that we need to find/do. and one of it is group pic on a moving LRT :

and with the signboard @ Taman Melati station :

CP 2, 3, 4 - Taman Melati Utama eateries
Venue 1 : Sate Kajang Haji Samuri (by the time we reached there, they said the satay is not ready yet)

Venue 2 : Steamboat : This was easy. only 4 sticks of hot steamboat that Elah forced Lek to eat as fast as he can.. haha..

Venue 3 : Restoran Upin dan Ipin : Fakri did this task, a plate of Nasi Ayam and tall glass of orange juice.

Back to Venue 1 to complete the sate task. Im the one doing this one. Easy. 10 cucuk sate. Settle. Didnt know that the one that just cooked tasted so juicy and soft? (ayat promote nampak?) seriously, this one better than ours in Taman Warisan.

While at it, Fakri manage to get a cab and we move on (reaaallly slow uncle driving this cab) and reached the next CP in 10 minutes.

CP 5 - Rampai Business Park - Cendol Anyone?
Food :  Mee Rebus and Cendol. Lek taking up the challenge and i was the one looking for another taxi. We managed to get a daring cab driver this time, if only he had a better taxi. But still the effort counts!

CP 6 -Nasi campur Norizan, Kampung Baru
Food : as per picture below :

Nasib baik! i was the one yg volunteer utk makan this time.

Elah having a fun time eating sambal belacan!

talking bout supportive team mates. Yup, he did that throughout the race

CP 7 - Nasi Lemak Double ! @ R.A. Nasi Lemak, Kg. Baru (next to Dang Wangi LRT Station)
Well, this one was easy. all you need to do is makan 3 suap, hirup air teh o tu. then ulang sampai habis. haha.. Senang kan?

Its lunch hour btw

I took up the challenge and sambal dia pedas ah!

This time, the cab driver also a hunter! how lucky! now we got ourselves another possible teammate candidate, esp for driver position. He knew the streets pretty well and get us to the next CP in a jiffy! we opted for him to wait and bring us to the final CP.

CP 8 - Fierce Curry House, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama
Food : Rice with curry, and no water? (Lek told us that the marshal ask him to find his own drink)

I didnt get to snap a picture since Lek was eating so fast then when i came out of the toilet, he's done!
and boy how we rushed to the finish line...only to end up in KL sentral instead! Lucky us, the taxi driver still around and he did came back to take us the the right place.

CP 9 - Where the race ends

Yay! habis pun

old Istana Negara can be seen in the distance

We reached Best Western Premier Dua Sentral the same time as Team no. 4 @ 12.49pm. There was 2 other teams that reached the hotel earlier, and they by default, didn't complete the last task as the Curry house only serve the food only @ 12.30 pm, but as they reached there earlier, the marshal stamped their passport and by that, making them valid to check in at the finish line. We did complaint alright, and Team no. 1 did verbally confessed, but all the organizer said was Sorry, we couldn't do anything about it. This kind of thing although seem just a small deal to you maybe, but for us that have been racing since morning, it is a big deal. We tried, but no one seems to bother whether they did eat or not.  

As for us who reached the finish line almost at the same time with Team 4, the rojak challenge needed to be done together. A split second separates us, and Team no. 4 rushes to the lift and refused to let us ride together. Elah n Lek ends up in another lift, causes us to be Team no. 4. 

The prize giving ceremony began around 5 something after couple of rounds of lucky draws.

Team Burp! Excuse Us! - 4th Placing. :P *fakri was not in the pic*

Its all about having a great time but ending with a terrible miscommunications and bully. Its heart breaking to see the frustrated faces of my team mates, but hey, there's always another race to win right? We made our way back to Central Market on foot while enjoying the view around.

Murals along Sg. Klang riverbank

Till next year then. :) Tschuss!

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