Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Its been a while since i post anything here.. *krikk.. krikk*

Oh well, its been a busy, fun, happy, disappointing, awesome, sad, frustrating (all the bad stuff related to Comping mostly) haha..

yet, its been a wonderful years with awesome winning. and terrible losing. (i hate losing). *also related to comping*

Nonetheless, i still enjoying running. Thus i wanted to share this :


Ok not so great la. We (Budget Good-Good) also didn't do well this year, but that doesnt mean we wont give our best for next year.

re-kindle my passion for MTB. Thanks to for the awesome Bike. an Exitway. best Way!

Insya Allah.

Have a great 2016. May 2015 left you with good memories. Or bad. Or so so.. Or dont think so much. Live out your life fullest.

Azam tahun baru?

Nak naik belon panas pusing Putrajaya! :) (hopefully by this time dah ada GoPro).

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