Monday, January 4, 2016

#2ndskinchallenge 2016

Assalam and Morning All!

Hope you had a great weekend. This is my 2nd post for 2016, a resolution (kinda) which to be more active (both blogging and  running) this year. Why not kan? #2ndjob katanya..


I took part in the +2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge 2016 and ran for 3 days in a row.

3 days. Talking about being committed. Well, its called the Commitment Challenge (5th Sub Challenge) btw. :P

One need to run a distance of 20.16km over three days. Minimum 3km a day. 

So i did a 10.2km on 1 Jan, then 5.6km  the next day and 4.4km for the 3rd day.

Other challenges such as :

1st Sub Challenge :  The Hammer Nutrition Endurance Challenge
-Accumulate the highest total mileage between 1st to 3rd January 2016

2nd Sub Challenge :  The Kraftfit  Compression 20.16 Challenge
-Run 20.16km in one session.

3rd Sub Challenge : The Sketchers GoSpeed Challenge 
- Fastest 10Km Run

4th Sub Challenge : The Lifeline ID CreativiDy Challenge
-Creative pic with Lifeline ID via Instagram

1st Day : Desa ParkCity, KL

1st run for the new year. Wuhuu! It was drizzling earlier, and as i was about to start running. Its virtual challenge so you just need to complete a run for certain distance, for example, today's 10km run will earn yourself a medal. Running at my own pace while enjoying the music as usual is something i prefer.



Once done, collected the medal and left. Around 30 runners were seen doing this challenge that morning. Event was organised by Distance Force Malaysia. 
It was a self-sufficient run, meaning one need to have their own hydration source. Distance Force team did serve cold drinks as well :) Thank you for that.
Those who completed today's challenge elsewhere will be getting their medal via post later.

2nd Day : Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

Went out early try to snap some sunrise pictures, turns out i woke up a bit late. Its already shining bright. Oh well, its bit hilly for today's run. Still going a loop since i need to get around 4km today. Im the only one with the bib attached to my shirt. lol.

3rd Day (final day) Around Precint 9, Putrajaya

Well, this is it. The last day. I have been running for 3 days in a row! Well not that i havent run long distance before, but to wake up early 3 days in a row is something! haha. 


Started around my house, ran towards Seri Wawasan bridge and went back. Thats it.
Im not sure what i will win for this challenge, but im hoping to get another Tee from 2ndSkin. Their tee is super comfy to wear for such activity. Nop i didnt wear the Tee for 3 straight days without washing them. Yes, it is easily clean and dry. 

Till then, lets see what other event i will join next. Im not into just running, so just wait ya? :)