Thursday, January 7, 2016

LARI with Prosperity Road Promo

Location : McDonalds Prima Saujana, Kajang

Time : 6pm

Date : 5 Jan 2016

I wanted to go and see Fattah Amin personally, face to face. Well, since im applying for a spot in Team Fattah for LARI with Prosperity @ TV9, this might be the best chance i had to meet him in person.

Registration started around 5.30pm, and the star of the event arrived shortly before 6pm.

Straight to the point. Chatting, makan2 (free set of Prosperity Meal for first 20 who register before hand), pictures, more chatting, more pictures and thats it. Its not everyday you can mingle closely with a celebrity right?

Crowd a bit shy as well, but totally enjoy taking pictures with this rising star.

A short game was held and my reward is this :

Nice kan? Limited edition tuu..

Well, Fattah kind a friendly. Bit shy, but can see how fit he become over the years. Prolly because of his gym routine.

Event ended around 7.30pm.

Balik dengan muka bangga dapat baju merah. Ok riak tak baik. 

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