Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Task for Allianz Foodie Hunt 2015 - Team Budget Good-Good

Food is very synonym to us Malaysian. You can find all kinds of food, be it local, fusion etc, from early morning till late at night, well, even for supper and late supper. Oh then breakfast again :P i mean choices are aplenty, and some rare cuisine only emerge during festive seasons.

Penang have the most original and best options (my personal favourite), but, each state have their own kind of specialties. Although im not from Kelantan, i savour their food the most. Why? because its not spicy. I like chinese food, and our family's dinner time sometime at mamak somewhere. Why? because they serve food faster than those at fast food restaurant!

This post is meant for Foodie Hunt 2015, a one day event brought to you by Allianz Malaysia, that will test participant's skill of Makan-Makan (eating) with amazing prizes up for grab.

We are team Budget Good-Good, from central Malaysia. Lembah Klang. Well, over here, its like the center for everything, so you can find whatever your heart desire. Be it Kelantanese, Melakaian, Perakian etc cuisine, im sure there's one significant menu that suit your taste bud.

Ok. this is what we need to do. Selfie or Wefie, with food that best represent our group. So i asked each of my team mate to take their own selfie with their own favourite food, and compile it together. ha! 

We chose Rojak, Roti Tisu Tower and Maggi Goreng Telur Mata for our assignment/task.

Briefly, this is what the food of our choice is all about:

Roti Tisu = Budget
Roti Tisu (tissue parata) commonly found @ Mamak restaurants, which, you can find easily in any mamak's. Mind you, you might want to share it with others to finish it. go for lamb curry for extra kick. (but the paratha already taste a bit sweet)

Maggi Goreng Telur Mata = Good
Maggi Goreng Telur Mata (Fried Instant Noodle with Egg) is well known and considered the easiest and the fastest to prepare. Mix of noodles, vegetables, eggs and fried tofu with sunny side egg (yeah, we love the extra egg) on top making it a scrumptious meal to have. Different version i have tasted, let say each version is as good and tasty (even they look just the same). 

Rojak Pasembor = Good
Rojak literally translated 'mix of everything'. the picture explains it. mix of cucumber, fried tofu, saucy peanut sauce, boiled egg, fried tofu, salad etc. the combination is up to you. really. it can be eaten with noodles or even fruits.

Food do bring people together (everytime) as we totally enjoy all the varieties and flavours, thanks to the diversity in our country. So even with little Budget you can still enjoy Good-Good food. :)

Well then, wish us luck in our hunt this coming 17th October.

Team Budget Good-Good signing off.

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