Thursday, June 12, 2014

In and Around Putrajaya - Floria 2014 and Magic of the Night

Floria is back for its 7th Edition, with this year's theme : Mesmerizing Colours. Enjoy the beautiful arrangements of Begonias (the theme flower for this year) from various species from 14th till 22nd June 2014. 


They have moved from Precint 2 to a permanent site at Precint 4, and expected to be much bigger and better than previous ones. 

The Royal Garden, Begonia Garden, Orchid Garden, Tea Party Garden and Innovation Garden are among the attraction for you to visit, alongside these fun and exciting activities :


 University & School Floral Art Competition

For more info, visit one of these links :

Alongside Floria, there will also be another exciting event happening the same week, located at Marina Putrajaya (Presint 5, near Pusat Maritim), known as Magic of the Night. The will also be Bazar Industri Kreatif and the highlight of this event : glittering lights from decorated floats brought in from every state in Malaysia as well as other exciting activities! More info here

*pictures and information taken from Floria 2014 and Ministry of Tourism Website respectively

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