Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AGRO Hunt 2014

A hunt that we actually had Fun! 

Where : Wisma Tani Presint 4 to MAEPS Serdang
When : 14 June 2014
Who : Team Budget Good-Good

Its more like a race, amazing race kinda. Our favourite kinda game. But the distance is quite.. challenging. for the driver. Me. I dont drive in any hunt before. must be someone else. Well, there's always first time right?

Ok Lets start the story then.

We get together that morning half an hour before the event start. It was officiated by Menteri Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani, Dato Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, around 9.30 am (right on time). This hunt, was not in sequence. Meaning you can go to any CheckPoint (CP) you wish to, first, but the finish line will be @ Maeps Serdang.

kiasu team No. 1.. huhu
So, for the 1st CP, we decided that we should visit the CP @ Pasar Tani Maeps, Serdang since it has a closing time @ 12pm. Why? because no one goes to pasar tani @ 11 or 12 in the afternoon right?. So while there's a big crowd early in the morning, we should go there first. And once there, we got to pick our task in random. walla! jual sayur! haha.. Easy peasy.. So what we did was, ask few akak the amount of Sayur they wanna buy, count the total and thats it. kinda help promoting the stall at the same time la..
Once done, 2nd CP would be somewhere @ Kampung Rinching Hilir,  Jalan Bangi Lama. We took the longer way (after missed a junction) and arrived in the middle of nowhere for a 2nd task - Chicken! Took about 10 minutes from the main road to reach this place.
 part ni mmg suspen. ntah celah bedah mana ntah ni..

ok betul. sampai jugak.
We need to catch one, slaughter it (according to Islamic way) and clean it, then cut into 8 pieces. Ok the driver cant do this because he need to get ready to go (alasan) haha.. i had never done this before, so Fakri and Lek did it, since he had experience doing all this thing before.

Then, off to Taman Botani Shah Alam for our 3rd CP. Dont rely too much on Waze as sometimes other user might give/point out the wrong direction. Half way through we got lost (again) and took longer route to get to Shah Alam. But i myself have been to this place few times, so we did get to the right place at the end.Once there, team Izwan from MARDI has arrived and completed their tasks as we got there. And they had already 4 stamps in the passport. Wahh.. we've yet to have 3!. But since we have done a challenge inside Taman Botani before, we completed the task here in around 10 minutes. Saw team Izwan rushing off to do the Chicken task. 

task 1 : take a picture with Pokok Ajaib
task 2 : take a picture at the house in the middle of the paddy field

Task 3 : Take a picture with a deer, a peacock and a rabbit!

All these must be uploaded to one of our team's Facebook wall. Done. 

Its all about strategy.

We rushed to the 4th CP - Ramly Burger outlet @ Bandar Tun Razak. Chewah.. macam expert benor bawak kereta kat KL. Remember im the driver. and getting lost once or twice itu wajib. And today, somehow i did swell. Seb baik Waze boleh harap. Traffic were moderate, but still, at this point, every team still has a chance.

Here, 2 of us have to prepare a meal each and eat them, while 2 others got to answer a series of questions. Driver tak leh masak, kena jawab soklan.. haha.. kebulur lah driver sbb yg masak je dpt makan yer..

Huhu.. Lapar tu tengok diaorg makan..

Once done, 5th CP is just 5 minutes away. TEKUN Office. Another set of questions. Not that hard to figure it out, tp juling mata baca tulisan kecik2 kat banner tu. 

Once completed, we headed to Kompleks Pertanian Serdang (wherever that is) for the 6th CP. Agak ceruk ke dalam, but we finally reached the place after few wrong turns with a help from some friends. Task? makan durian.. Again.. driver tak leh makan durian since .. aiseh.. no more excuse. i dont like it. Ok guys, sila makan utk saya sekali. Me and ellah took the task of putting the fertilizer around the tree. Senang. Selamat (dari kena makan durian) huhu..
We completed the challenge with haste, and get a chop, off to Maeps again for the last 3 CPs. Once inside Maeps, we decided to check out the Laman Padi first. 2 team members have to plant Paddy plant and 2 others had to answer series of Questions. Driver mmg mengelat, awal2 lagi nak gi buat soklan. Who knew that Lek is good at Paddy planting. We even tapau few groups who arrived earlier.

Once done, to the 8th CP - Laman Nanas. Again, 2 team mates have to peel off the pineapple and eat them, 2 others need to answer more questions.. Ok this one easier and off to the last CP!

Team Zarul were tailing us closely. We went for the last CP - Laman Madu Kelulut. Task - suck up the honey right from its bee hive. Ok tak lah bahaya sangat, but i dont like the taste. 

Right after that, we rushed to the finish line. and.. we didnt see any other cars. Are we the 1st one? Hehe.. yes we were! Alhamdulillah..  10 minutes separates us from the 2nd place team. 

Kete no. 1.. finishing pun no. 1.. Best!

All and all, the task wasnt that hard, and we enjoyed ourselves throughout the whole journey. I dont like to be the driver though :P

Event ends around 5pm and we parted ways, to prepare for tomorrow's event pulak. More story mory awaits!! Tungguu.. 

p/s : More pics for this event will be uploaded later ek? Tungguu jugak..Updated, as promised.

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