Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#CelebrityFitness 1st ever Fit-a-thon - Team Tony

When : 31st May 2014 (Saturday), 2 - 4 pm

Where : Cheras Sentral Mall

Who : 11 winners pairing with 11 celebrities (team of two)

I was a bit of a surprise when a rep from Celebrity Fitness called and said that im one of the selected participant to join the first ever indoor Fitathon that week. Oh yes, i selected Tony Eusoff to be my team mate for that day. I have never see him in person, so yes, im a bit blur but excited.

Again, i was surprised that my friend's Ady was one of the participant too. Not to mentioned two other friends that i met that day, we are connected to each other somehow. small world eh? My prediction, team Azura + Afif will win today. Our team? We will still give a challenge okeh?

Once Tony arrived, we were introduced to each other and frankly, he is a nice lad. But i can see his tired face as he just arrived from Kuching! Well, better for me not to push him that hard since i had lack of training myself, and Tony told me he has never done this kind of challenge before (sama lah my penulis blog ini juga) so.. we are perfect for each other.. hehe.. 

Its team Tony! Woot! **
The Celebrities (Sazzy Falak , Nazril Idrus, Yasmin Hani , Azura Zainal , John Oh, Jason Phang, Aenie Wong , Jojo Goh,Thanuja Ananthan, IZ , dan Tony Eusof)**

Group Pic! **
A short briefing was given on how the challenge will be today. 11 stations, of HIIT exercise called Fit Fast, waiting for us to be completed in 2 rounds.

Station 1 - Burpees (easy peasy, but not so on the 2nd round.. dah penat)
Station 2 - BOSU Push Up (love this, need to strengthen my hands first)
Station 3 - Kettleball Squat (this one quite easy)
Station 4 - Skipping Rope Roll (gotta train more on this)
Station 5 - Angkat Bola yg ada isi pasir, lompat (i forgot the name of this station, sorry)
Station 6 - ViPR Skating (i loveee this exercise! got it right the first time)
Station 7 - Ballas Ball Shake (ball with sand as well)
Station 8 - Split Lunge Touch Floor (this is hard, i guess sbb perut takde 6 packs kot? haha)
Station 9 - BOSU Balance with Leg Extension
Station 10 - Bound Hopping Squat (nop, dont like it)
Station 11 - Jumping Jack Touch Floor (lagi lah tak suka)

1st round - 30 second each for each station, with interval time of 10 seconds! (yes, tarik nafas kejap, hembus then sambung balik) yup.. that intense!

The face shows how hard it was! kan? kan? **
at the end of each round we had a short cooling down session, before continuing the next round

First Round. We can still smile :P
2nd round - for 45 seconds. same interval time from station to station. Semput. Biasalah, team kitaorg mmg banyak drama. We almost pulled out from the challenge, but I said to Tony that i will try my best to finish the 2nd round myself. He look dead tired. Suprisingly, he didnt want to give up either. We keep on going (at this point, i myself already dead tired) and managed to finish 10 stations. Both of us stopped @ station 11 as my breathing was already inconstant and Tony gave a sign that he was at his limit. I almost fainted (first time dlm hidup) and had to walk out from the Mall for some fresh air. I salute my team mate for not giving up easily, and that we both fight till the very end.

Result were announced 15 minutes after it all ended. Turns out its team John(a Model) took home the Grand Prize. Ady+Iz (Fear Factor) finished 2nd and Afiff+Azura (RedFM) finished 3rd.

We all didnt go home empty handed as we got ourselves a goodies bag worth around rm200 atleast (Adidas n other sponsor merchandise). Love the bag given earlier by the Celebrity Fitness. Takde rezeki nak menang membership. Otherwise it would be good start for me to train my cardio for my Marathon this coming October. Xpe.. next event!

Congratulations!! and Thank you Celebrity Fitness!**
Event ended around 4.30 pm and i took some time catching up with Ady and left half an hour later. A cup of Caramel Macchiato always relaxes me afterwards.

*will upload few Wefie later  :)

**Photo Credits : Thanks to Celebrity Fitness Facebook
***and the day wouldnt be complete for me to tell you that we were featured in newspaper! 

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