Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lets #givealittle, to Mother Nature? (Part 4)

Another of our #givealittle act together with my buddy, Zaha. He will be the cameraman and videographer for today, and its something to give back to Mother Nature, and those weekend climbers.

We met up around 7.30am and start climbing right after. Today we will do a little clean up on top of one of the popular hill in Semenyih, known as Broga Hill and by doing this we hope to spread the awareness that everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment and keeping this place clean.

My first activity for the new year. A healthy one i must say. All walks of life seen climbing this hill, and imagine the rubbish that might get left behind. But hopefully they wont. 

Err.. I was wrong. Once we reached the top, we can see overflow rubbish bins. Im not sure how frequent they are being collected, so we decided to give a help by cleaning the area and bring down the rubbish. Lets see if you gonna agree with the 'after'. Few rubbish bins scattered before reaching the top.

While at it, students from MSU were collection donations for the recent flood victims as well as bringing down rubbish from top of the hill. Once we start our act, members of KRESMA (Kelab Rekreasi UiTM Malaysia) - Shah Alam offering to lend a hand as well. We were glad that these youngsters also have the same mindset and help us making this act a success. For that we thank you.


We hope by doing this, those seeing it or read about it, spread the importance of keeping the area clean and beautiful, so that we had a memorable climb and superb view atop. At the same time we make sure that food wrapper, leftovers and plastic bottles did not scattered around. Our leftovers are kind a poison to the small animals.

What we bring up, we should bring them down. Left nothing but footprints (or your shoe prints). Mind you, this is just the 'loot' over the weekend. We hope everyone can play their part to keep the hill clean.

p/s : thats all for the time being. Video will be up once its edited :) Happy New Year!

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