Monday, January 5, 2015

Lets #givealittle, a Pint maybe? (Part 3)

So lets continue my #givealittle, shall we?. This is a short one. before moving on to Part 4.

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How about giving a Pint. 13% of your blood volume. 470ml to be exact. Which could save up to three lives. Isnt that amazing?

And this also related to the flood victims. They are in dire need of blood in A and AB category.

Mine is O+, oh well, i hope im still helping out.

Do the checklist properly (given before you start the donation) and answer it honestly before you even think of donating your blood. again, giving something this little could mean something big.

A good thing to start my 2015 right? :)


p/s : Amazing facts you should know about blood donation here

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