Monday, January 5, 2015

Lets #givealittle, shall we? (Part 1)

When mentioned #givealittle, what came across your mind?

For me, something little that could lead to something worthy, something that have an impact to others around you, or the society. Random act of kindness.

For that, i started my #givealitte with few ideas in mind, some had already completed, some in progress.

For the time being, i would only share pictures, here and at my Instagram (id : @cheramiche). Video(s) will be uploaded later.

For my first #givealittle, i started at home. we (me and wifey) had already put aside clothes (used) that is still in good condition and usable. I wanted to give it out during Pasar Percuma, but didnt get the chance to do it yet. As shocking as everyone else, we heard the news that Kelantan was badly hit by the worst flood in many years. We knew those clothes could be of help. We have collection of clothes from all my kids, and ours as well. So, we packed them up nicely, labelled them accordingly, and sent off to the flood relief collection centre nearby. I did stay and help a bit. Sorting through bundles of plastics bags (unlabelled clothes) and see how others helping out shows what kind of people we are. Kind hearted. I feel like i didnt help that much, and how i wish i could be in Kelantan right now helping out cleaning the aftermath.

Our prayer for all Kelantanese affected by the 2014 flood.

My 2nd #givealittle : .. Ok continue to Part 2

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