Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rain or Shine, bring it anywhere *warning, cute mode required*

“What other ways can an umbrella be used for besides shading from the Sun and the rain?”

Well, here's an idea :

A mobile toy crib! 

a plain umbrella such as this

into something like this!

 Adik n Abang posing with cute mode :P

A perfect gift for their new baby brother?

Err.. at the end, im not sure that is ok with the one holding the mobile crib, as his wording were :

Adik (my youngest son) : "Ayah, ini adik punya kan? 

Ayah : Iyer.. mmg buat untuk adik :P 

p/s : Post on Green Hunt @ Lipur Kanching coming up.. tunggu.. :)

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