Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Starbucks Green Hunt 2013 - May the best dress win!

It was worth it. A last minute prep, turns out to be something we actually can be proud of. 

Chewah.. mula2 cerita dah bagi hint. Spoiler org putih kater. But please read the rest, as im sure this is the first time that Starbucks Malaysia has ever organize something like this.

i mean, a fun outdoor xtivity for Starbucks coffee and nature's lover.

Err, actually, this is what happened the night before and early in the morning of that hunt day. 

29th March 2013. Putrajaya/Sg Merab/Bangi

7.05 pm - went out to look for the prop around Bangi (frantically). 

- stop for solat somewhere, continue looking for some stationeries -
- cracking my head for this idea that came across my mind the same afternoon-

*at the same time this hour, Syukry was looking for empty cups @ Alamanda, while Morjhan went shopping and stumble upon something that completes the dress, and CT come up with our team's mascot or something, accidentally, but it turn out nice!

*without realizing it, we actually aim to win in this category, not the Grand prize for the hunt! lol! nop, not a single discussion of what the Questions would be like tomorrow!

8.25 pm - stop for dinner. Sate yang mmg lembut dan juicy. Korang kena try! Kat Caiyok Bistro, Jalan Sungai Merab.

9.30 pm - belom abis makan lagi. Prop tak mula buat lagi. tak pasti bila nak buat ni.

9.45 pm - reached home. Darn! dah lmbt. Shared the idea, and wifey being nice helping out cutting the dress into shape (of leaf). thank you! even she was under the weather that day. turns out im sucks at cutting the cloth. 

the idea. a dress shape like this coaster : 

 credit : http://fivefingerssg.blogspot.com/

- sambil2 online. decided our team name would be Davallia (fern kind a thing) which got switched to something else during the hunt day :P

10.45 pm - ok. i couldnt find any white ribbons, or white markers while at the stationery earlier. wifey came up with an idea, using her bedak sejuk for the dotted line. awesome. bit messy, but in the picture, it look just fine :P 

11.50 pm - still doing the dottest line. finish 2 of them. another 2 dress to go. 

30th March 2013. Home. Sleepy 

12.30 am - Finally. Completed the dress. *yawn* time to sleep. doze off around 1 am.

5.00 am - time to get ready for the Hunt!! *yawn* im still sleepy.

What happened during the hunt? please read the next post! :)