Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A recap for December - What went down.

We (Budget Good-Good) took part in few events this month of December, and proud to share our accomplishments (although tough luck, x la semua dapat top 3) but still top 5 isnt that bad kan? Mind you, these events kinda have new format altogether, so even making it to top 5 was good enough.

Bus Hunt Putrajaya (6 Dec 2014)

err.. we didnt win this one. Menang posing jer.. haha..

The game was fun! but waiting for the bus was not
Exciting Hunt (Shah Alam n nearby area) - 13 Dec 2014
We finish 4th. Didnt complete 2 CPs sebab x cukup masa dan skip CP10 untuk elak 
makan kerang yang separuh masak.

im not sure is it a lake or longkang or something else?
X sempat nak join Run For Your Live that evening sbb event abis lambat :( 

AirAsia Great 13th Anniversary Challenge 2014 (14 Dec 2014)
Ok this was a 8 hours challenge. Sit on a chair. buckled. Win free tixs!
I manage to sit for 6+ hours. Got kicked out after 6 1/2 hours. Finish 3rd. 
So got some BIG points (can redeem free Air Asia tixs later la..) Top 2 got free tixs and BIG points.
a game of chance. luck included. tips : say Hi to everyone!
1MYES Selangor Road Challenge 2014 (20 Dec 2014)
7 Malls, best bargains. Finish 5th (Open Cat). 

@Mydin Mall.
That would be all. I dont feel like writing right now. perhaps later baru share story. Enjoy the holiday. Jangan lupa doakan rakan2 yang kurang bernasib baik di semua negeri yg terlibat dengan Banjir. or even better. help out in any way you could.
#prayforMalaysia #prayforPantaiTimur

My #givealittle project is ongoing. A contest entry, but at the same time, hope to contribute to others as well while at it.

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