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Advertorial : Ephyra Treasure Hunt 2014


This is My first actual advertorial. Pardon me (please comment) if there's any mistake whatsoever.  Here's to many more Advert to come? Insya Allah..

This time my entry would be about Ephyra product and an event that happening last Saturday :

Where : Putrajaya - KLIA2 - Putrajaya
When : 24th May 2014 (Saturday)
Who : Team of Bloggers (4 each team, 7 teams total)

Event sponsored by Oceanlife2U and organized by Team DenaiHati yang ohsem. Kena mention ohsem sbb mmg enjoy event yg diaorg telah jalankan ni.

Meeting point was @ PuspanitaPuri Car Park around 9 am. Once there, everyone need to do their own InstaVideo, showing you preparing and enjoying the Ephyra drink. i was lucky to have Nuar on my team, as he knows how to edit the video for Instagram and more importantly, how to edit the InstaVideo. Ohsem jugak utk ko sbb jadi team mate yg terer!

Here's my InstaVideo :

just a tip - you need to have team mates that's active on social media to take part in this kind of game.

My personal opinion about the product? : Well i like to see the result first. After a sachet, i took one kuih and thats all. I didnt eat anything yet that morning. Will share with you later in this post.

Two other team mates, blogger Dikna and Kak Dyana. < Havoc!! even though we have never met each other before.

Briefing was given by Team Denaihati, and followed by details given by the founder herself, Puan Amiza. She even gave out our team names, and ours was Acai Beri! Groups given names according to 9 Ephyra's ingredients.

Pn Amiza Amiruddin

Wefie!! *istilah social media je utk event ari ni*

Flag off around 10.45 am, first clue was : Taman Botani.

i like the 2nd last Question.

We were given a number of questions which answer can be found easily around the park. 

Ok semua tunjuk gigi anda..!! *background kereta yg lalu
lalang hon kat kitaorg*

Once done, we need to take a Wefie by the roadside (with Ephyra billboard at the background) right before the Bangi Exit and then drive straight to KLIA2 for our next set of task.

Upon arriving, we were impressed by the modern look of the airport, and how hard to find a parking space.. hehe.. but compared to old LCCT, this facility is much, much better.

We need to find the Starbucks cafe and get our tasks there.

1st task (InstaVideo + Questions)
Questions part was easy. The InstaVideo was not so. Imagine we had to find a Guy in Blue shirt, get him to be featured in our video while one of us promoting what Ephyra is to him. Ha!! Bagi kat i mmg asyik CUT! je lah jawabnyer. Nebes!!

once done, uploading it was another thing. The internet prolly so congested inside the building, we need to find some place else to do it. And theres one nice corner far end of the building where it got better reception and of course - good internet connection. Now that already time wasted.

and there's interval time : 10 minutes once each task submitted.. so layan Starbucks dulu la..
once the 10 minutes is up, its time to continue. 

2nd task : Find a foreigner and take a picture with him.

3rd task : Do a Wefie at the KLIA2 wording

4th Task (InstaVideo)
Find a Lady in Turquoise dress/shirt and do the same thing. Explain what is Ephyra in 15 sec vid.

5th task (instaVideo)
do a group cheer in front of 3 tourist

Missed the task where we need to find something 'spicy'.. :(

berWefie kat KLIA2

once done, around 2.30 pm, its time for lunch.

we headed for Petronas Station (right after the airport exit) and have a Nasi Ayam while solving another set of question. Googable punyer riddle la.. jawab santai2 jer..

Ok here is how i feel after hours of driving and running and walking around @ KLIA2. I still feel energetic and not that hungry though (although its already 3pm) and prolly this Ephyra product is good for dieting. I havent tried the one that i got (yet) but i will share in another post what happened after 10 sackets (10 days) :).. im thinking if it is a good supplement, prolly i can use it to help me with my preparation for my Full Marathon this coming October..

once submitted the question, we were given another clue saying we need to get back to Putrajaya, take a shuttle to the Ephyra Booth @ Jom Heboh Carnival.

Once we reached PICC, there's no parking available so we headed straight for the Jom Heboh instead. 

a'ah.. menapak dari jambatan ni sampai la ke tapak jualan Ephyra. Yup. Gigih.

Sambil2 posing dalam kepenatan

We were the 5th team to arrive @ Jom Heboh site and at the Ephyra booth for the final task(s). Turns out the last task is the Blind Soccer! According to their product Ambassador, Norman Hakim, the game chosen because of the World Cup Fever, and to promote active lifestyle of those using Ephyra. Sihat, Cantik, Bertenaga.. so this one suits the theme.

Its a sudden death match but our team manage to score a goal for a bonus point. Once done, we need to present the group cheer that we InstaVideo earlier, then only we completed the Hunt.

Biasalah team captain akan rebut2 nak
pegang mock card hadiah tu.. haha..
The result was announced about half an hour later, and we did win! 2nd place. Nebes sbb ada 3 other groups that start with A :P

Event ends around 7 pm.

The event prolly the best idea to promote such product, as it not only represent beauty, but also for health and energy.

If you are interested to try it yourself, visit any of these links :

oceanlife2u.com (official website)

- https://www.facebook.com/oceanlife2u
- http://instagram.com/ephyra2u
- https://twitter.com/ephyra2u
- https://plus.google.com/111616768491998408545/posts

p/s : You can buy it online! visit their official website on how to get a trial pack :)
biasalah.. name pun Budget Good-Good

Last but not least, thanks buat kawan2 blogger yg gigih mencari harta karun sampai ke KLIA2 dan buat blogger Shakkido yang banyak membantu dalam urusan pendaftaran dan perjalanan aktiviti. Salam perkenalan juga buat geng2 organizer dan blogger yg telah turut serta. (tak sempat nak tegur semua, sbb rushing buat tugasan masing2 :)

*Photo Credit to Bro Pena Berkala dan kawan2 blogger yg lain.

For more pics, comments on Ephyra and the event itself, you can visit these sites :

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and Norfanil  :)

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