Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lets #givealittle, to Mother Nature? (Part 4)

Another of our #givealittle act together with my buddy, Zaha. He will be the cameraman and videographer for today, and its something to give back to Mother Nature, and those weekend climbers.

We met up around 7.30am and start climbing right after. Today we will do a little clean up on top of one of the popular hill in Semenyih, known as Broga Hill and by doing this we hope to spread the awareness that everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment and keeping this place clean.

My first activity for the new year. A healthy one i must say. All walks of life seen climbing this hill, and imagine the rubbish that might get left behind. But hopefully they wont. 

Err.. I was wrong. Once we reached the top, we can see overflow rubbish bins. Im not sure how frequent they are being collected, so we decided to give a help by cleaning the area and bring down the rubbish. Lets see if you gonna agree with the 'after'. Few rubbish bins scattered before reaching the top.

While at it, students from MSU were collection donations for the recent flood victims as well as bringing down rubbish from top of the hill. Once we start our act, members of KRESMA (Kelab Rekreasi UiTM Malaysia) - Shah Alam offering to lend a hand as well. We were glad that these youngsters also have the same mindset and help us making this act a success. For that we thank you.


We hope by doing this, those seeing it or read about it, spread the importance of keeping the area clean and beautiful, so that we had a memorable climb and superb view atop. At the same time we make sure that food wrapper, leftovers and plastic bottles did not scattered around. Our leftovers are kind a poison to the small animals.

What we bring up, we should bring them down. Left nothing but footprints (or your shoe prints). Mind you, this is just the 'loot' over the weekend. We hope everyone can play their part to keep the hill clean.

p/s : thats all for the time being. Video will be up once its edited :) Happy New Year!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lets #givealittle, a Pint maybe? (Part 3)

So lets continue my #givealittle, shall we?. This is a short one. before moving on to Part 4.

credit to : http://www.donateblood.com.au/about-blood/types
How about giving a Pint. 13% of your blood volume. 470ml to be exact. Which could save up to three lives. Isnt that amazing?

And this also related to the flood victims. They are in dire need of blood in A and AB category.

Mine is O+, oh well, i hope im still helping out.

Do the checklist properly (given before you start the donation) and answer it honestly before you even think of donating your blood. again, giving something this little could mean something big.

A good thing to start my 2015 right? :)


p/s : Amazing facts you should know about blood donation here

Lets #givealittle, Breakfast anyone? (Part 2)

My #givealittle continues, this time we (Me n my buddy Zaha) would serve free breakfast, on a top of a popular hill in Semenyih.

People love coming here for the view, and usually they climb up early, like 6am early! This, for the purpose, to catch the sunrise. Casual hiking could take up to 40 minutes to reach the top.

So we thought how about #givealittle something for those who were up there that morning? Breakfast. Freshly cooked Nasi Lemak + sweet water. we havent done this ourselves before, the feeling kind of mixed up. What if they started to ask this and that, and so on. What if they dont want it?

But..it turn out well. i just need to explain a bit about what im doing, and all i need in return, for them to have a picture with me, a group picture together. thats all.

Everyone was enjoying their breakfast, and there's one guy ate 2 packets of Nasi Lemak as he said he was bit hungry.

Since everyone climbed so early, they usually go with just a light snack. I served sweet drinks since they might need a little bit of sugar to boost their energy for this activity. The idea to serve breakfast up there simply eating Nasi Lemak while enjoying the stunning greenery. We should eat and hydrate properly before, while and after activities such as this. Some just opt for the drink and tapau the Nasi Lemak. some even asked for another cup of drink. and we even served drinks to a few that doing their training (running up and down the hill, few loops so to say) for the upcoming Ultra Marathon event in Hong Kong. all and all, you can eat that nasi lemak guilt-free after doing such activity, right?

We collected all the leftovers and wrappers as well as paper cups that used for this purpose and brought down with us.

Try doing it and you know how it feels.

So whats my next #givealitte? lets read it @ Part 3

Lets #givealittle, shall we? (Part 1)

When mentioned #givealittle, what came across your mind?

For me, something little that could lead to something worthy, something that have an impact to others around you, or the society. Random act of kindness.

For that, i started my #givealitte with few ideas in mind, some had already completed, some in progress.

For the time being, i would only share pictures, here and at my Instagram (id : @cheramiche). Video(s) will be uploaded later.

For my first #givealittle, i started at home. we (me and wifey) had already put aside clothes (used) that is still in good condition and usable. I wanted to give it out during Pasar Percuma, but didnt get the chance to do it yet. As shocking as everyone else, we heard the news that Kelantan was badly hit by the worst flood in many years. We knew those clothes could be of help. We have collection of clothes from all my kids, and ours as well. So, we packed them up nicely, labelled them accordingly, and sent off to the flood relief collection centre nearby. I did stay and help a bit. Sorting through bundles of plastics bags (unlabelled clothes) and see how others helping out shows what kind of people we are. Kind hearted. I feel like i didnt help that much, and how i wish i could be in Kelantan right now helping out cleaning the aftermath.

Our prayer for all Kelantanese affected by the 2014 flood.

My 2nd #givealittle : .. Ok continue to Part 2