Monday, November 11, 2013

Fuelled by Fans Challenge - PETRONAS

A very good morning in this wet weather. 

Here's a challenge : 
Be one of five lucky customers to be selected to join the Fuelled by Fans Challenge by Petronas and stand a chance to win to up to RM100,000! Wohoo! and you'll get to choose from 5 celebrities (3 locals, and 2 foreigners) to be your team mate! double Wohoo! but wait..

Well, its not like you can just register for it and get selected. What you should do first?
Read more about it here

Its the race where the team that goes the furthest, wins. 

I think you got the idea. Well, i've submitted my forms, so, lets wait for that phone call then. :) *eying my phone while at it*

mean while, i saw this tweet by Petronas brand few days ago : 

Well, im thinking about blogging about it, since there's only few posts online about this contest anyway :) most of it we have already know (yes, read it at the link given). So i drove all the way to their roadshow on the 9th of November to get my inside story.

The roadshow, in conjunction to this challenge, was also the prize giving ceremony for the bi-weekly winners, took place at Petronas Solaris Putra @ Serdang (right next to Sg. Besi Highway, with the ever famous Starbucks drive through tu..) went there like a champion, as if going to get a prize.. haha.. 

the celebrities

never mind me. im here just to get a glimpse of one of the celebrities, its DJ Yoon from OneFM. 


arrived at the Petronas station just in time before the Quiz session, and im the first one to be on stage! haha.. talking about too excited when the MC asked : "Who want a free Tee?" and guess who raised his hand first? :P 

and i walk away with these awesome goodies :

that small card is a movie tix for 2 :P

While waiting, i took some time to try out the F1 racing game, snap some pictures (which u might win some prizes if your pic is creative enough) and for the young ones, they can brush up their talent in a drawing competition (i should have brought my munchkins too). There's also a counter for redemption for the free tee (you have to spend around RM50 for that)

creative enuf? :P

*pic credit to Petronas Brand FB

Face painting
*pic credit to Petronas Brand FB

inside the ride!  and i've run on that track before!

sign up for one, if you havent got any

lucky draws too!

Dj Yoon made her appearance around 2.45pm, and she gave away few tips that might be helpful if you were to become  her team mate :


- that she used to host Ho Chak! show, and drove all around Malaysia for that purpose, so she's already a good driver!

- she'll help who ever her partner to win, and didnt want any share of the prize money. (how nice of her).

- she need a partner who's good at driving too! well, can i be your team mate then? hehe
what she meant is that, she need a strong partner la.. eh again, im qualified. im kuat makan.. does that count? hehe.. who knows there's a makan2 task and i can be very, very helpful? :P

- and chances of you to be selected as her partner is high, since everyone else keep selecting for Maya Karin n Shaheizy Sam instead :P (ok, im going to send few more forms and select Dj Yoon lah) :P

and the event continue with the main ceremony, prize giving! 


so, have you made up your mind yet? you got till 24th Nov to do so!

all the best then? as for me? to be qualified for the audition is good enough for me. :P

oh catch Shaheizy Sam in person, at Petronas Station in Chica, Kelantan this coming 23th November!

p/s : these are some extra info/links that you might find helpful to keep track on the celebrities that will took part in this challenge : (click the social media title)

Shaheizy Sam Samad :

Instagram @Shaheizy_sam

DJ Yoon :
Instagram @onefmyoon

Maya Karin :
Instagram @maya_karin

Him Law (Hong Kongers actor) :
Twitter - couldnt find one
Instagram @himlaw_0828

Bii (Korean artist, famous in Taiwan)