Friday, August 30, 2013

What a Hunt! (it was) - Day One

Okay. Ini kira kasi gempak punya lah. Since i've noticed that atleast few ppl viewed my last entry, sure nak tahu apa jadi kan?

The thing is that, i wont say whats the hunt actually called (another surprise) but i will share what happened during the hunt, ok x? I will tell you in the last part, okeh?

Ops, before that, a brief note on the hunt itself. The participant? only me, and 3 men's crew. Thats all? A'ah. 4 of us, and im the only one who will be hunting, navigating, solving the clues ets. All i need to do? Find 30 ATMs and get the reward.

Ada eh hunt macam ni? A'ah. good question. First time jugak join Hunt yg peserta nyer sorang aku jer. haha.. Seriously. im the only one. Well, actually theres 2 others, but we were not competing against each other (or met face to face even). They had done their hunt 2 weeks earlier (one hunter every week) and for the 3rd hunter and the last week. Me.  Yup. still cant believe it myself :P I even asked them asking in details, just to make sure.

Day One, 23 Aug 13, Friday (oh yer, event ni 3 hari yer) - Klang Valley

3.30pm - making my way to meet up point near Bukit Jalil. Met with Karti n Brandon (who will be driving) and Fadzli (the security personnel) < yes, he carry a gun with him. I kid you not. They said for safety reason, in case someone get the idea that the hunt actually involves lots of money (which it is) but im not drawing any money from any ATM during this hunt. but kinda awesome to have him sitting beside me, 'guarding' me for this 3 days event.

While busy preparing for the hunt (which will begin in like 5 min), tetiba nampak Datuk Aznil Nawawi. Rugi la tak amik gmbr ngan dia.. hehe..  Ok back to the story. 

 blur lah pulak!!

4.20 pm - They give me like 10 minutes to solve the clues and to decide where i want to head first. 10 minutes for 10 clues for 10 atms. In 6 hours. Yup. during the rush hour where everyone coming back from work. Easy right? on paper, yes. On the road.. err.. 

So first ATM is in Bangsar. Why? the easiest clue and i know where the place is. haha. All i have to do was to have my picture taken by the crew once i've found the correct ATM. A'ah. thats it. I've won the portion of the prize money. 

 Not that hard lah kan? kan?

Next stop, an ATM in Bukit Bintang, Standard Chartered. Traffic was still ok. Time is ticking. I get help from a good friend of mine, Bob for today's hunt. He's like a human GPS, and knew every corners and streets around KL. Once done with ATM in KL, i asked him, should i go for the one in Klang first or head towards Kepong. He advised me to complete the one in PJ first, before going to Shah Alam, Klang and Kepong. Or prolly on the way, i can cover the one in KJ and Uptown. 

as expected. Sabarr..

Sounds doable kan? ok, but remember that i told you, its Friday's Rush hour? Did everything by myself (nop, the driver cannot help at all) as that's what the rules said. I have to navigate my crew to the correct ATM as mentioned in the  clue given. Frankly, i didnt do well when it comes to Klang Valley routes, so Bob was there all the way to help out (yes, you can make phone calls, or ask people along the way). At this point, i haven't learn about Waze (but i get to use it later). Its super easy to use too.

In between we do take breaks for makan n praying. Nop, break time is not counted (except for praying time. Told them that during the hunt, i will be stopping 2 times for praying, Asar n Maghrib. They add like 20minutes to that. But for the 2nd and 3rd day hunt, i can perform Solat Jamak before the event start). So you have to be smart on time management. We continue our journey throughout PJ New Town, all the way to Seksyen 9 Shah Alam, later on to Port Klang (near Hospital Klang), and then towards Kelana Jaya, then to Kepong, before finding the 9th ATM in Uptown PJ and ends our hunt for the day around 10.15pm. 

can u guess where this atm is? :P 

Yup, i only manage to get to only 9 ATMs since it would be a bummer to miss the ATM in Kepong (fyi, Standard Chartered's ATM has bigger 'bounty'). And im not sure that i can navigate well around Klang city at night, so opted to miss that 1 CP (check point). Had a supper with the crew and reached home around 12am.

End of day one. Wait for the story on day 2. (Ipoh here we come!)

Wait for the next post. perhaps, i will share some pictures. Tschuss!! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a Hunt! (it will be) - Updated

No.. not yet.

The hunt will start tomorrow. Evening.

1st Day - around Klang Valley

2nd n 3rd Day - prolly outside KL (even i dont have any idea where)

What Hunt? 

Err.. i will share with you after i've completed everything this Sunday (of course the post will be up much later) :P

Why so secret? 

Just to make sure you guys come back to find out what happened, thats all! :P

What is it about?

A hunt. Not a treasure hunt. Something different. Different format, with hefty 'bounty'. Serius! 

Worth coming back?

Definitely, as this is i think, one of the kind! *overwhelmingly excited!*

Yes, i will share with you guys later.

Pray for me that i will be successful in this event. Thanks :)

p/s :  Kalu x menang, i wont continue writing anything about this.. hehe.. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Salam Aidil Fitri!

Finally, the joyous day soon will be upon us. Couple of days to be exact.

So i wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, may this one will bring much happiness and togetherness.

Kullu am, wa antum bi khoir : May you be well throughout the year