Friday, December 27, 2013

From an Exciting one, to the Most Adventurous one

Sorry to get you readers excited.

I've not yet ready with the material. So this post is gonna be put on hold.

Still waiting for more pics to be included in these reports. :) .. baru best nak story mory..

I assure you, these are gonna be the best one so far! :) serious!

p/s : i didnt win the 'exciting' one, but triumph the 'adventurous' one.. hehe..

Happy New Year 2014!! (hopefully i will post the report by the year end).

Have a nice holiday!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Fuelled by Fans Challenge - PETRONAS

A very good morning in this wet weather. 

Here's a challenge : 
Be one of five lucky customers to be selected to join the Fuelled by Fans Challenge by Petronas and stand a chance to win to up to RM100,000! Wohoo! and you'll get to choose from 5 celebrities (3 locals, and 2 foreigners) to be your team mate! double Wohoo! but wait..

Well, its not like you can just register for it and get selected. What you should do first?
Read more about it here

Its the race where the team that goes the furthest, wins. 

I think you got the idea. Well, i've submitted my forms, so, lets wait for that phone call then. :) *eying my phone while at it*

mean while, i saw this tweet by Petronas brand few days ago : 

Well, im thinking about blogging about it, since there's only few posts online about this contest anyway :) most of it we have already know (yes, read it at the link given). So i drove all the way to their roadshow on the 9th of November to get my inside story.

The roadshow, in conjunction to this challenge, was also the prize giving ceremony for the bi-weekly winners, took place at Petronas Solaris Putra @ Serdang (right next to Sg. Besi Highway, with the ever famous Starbucks drive through tu..) went there like a champion, as if going to get a prize.. haha.. 

the celebrities

never mind me. im here just to get a glimpse of one of the celebrities, its DJ Yoon from OneFM. 


arrived at the Petronas station just in time before the Quiz session, and im the first one to be on stage! haha.. talking about too excited when the MC asked : "Who want a free Tee?" and guess who raised his hand first? :P 

and i walk away with these awesome goodies :

that small card is a movie tix for 2 :P

While waiting, i took some time to try out the F1 racing game, snap some pictures (which u might win some prizes if your pic is creative enough) and for the young ones, they can brush up their talent in a drawing competition (i should have brought my munchkins too). There's also a counter for redemption for the free tee (you have to spend around RM50 for that)

creative enuf? :P

*pic credit to Petronas Brand FB

Face painting
*pic credit to Petronas Brand FB

inside the ride!  and i've run on that track before!

sign up for one, if you havent got any

lucky draws too!

Dj Yoon made her appearance around 2.45pm, and she gave away few tips that might be helpful if you were to become  her team mate :


- that she used to host Ho Chak! show, and drove all around Malaysia for that purpose, so she's already a good driver!

- she'll help who ever her partner to win, and didnt want any share of the prize money. (how nice of her).

- she need a partner who's good at driving too! well, can i be your team mate then? hehe
what she meant is that, she need a strong partner la.. eh again, im qualified. im kuat makan.. does that count? hehe.. who knows there's a makan2 task and i can be very, very helpful? :P

- and chances of you to be selected as her partner is high, since everyone else keep selecting for Maya Karin n Shaheizy Sam instead :P (ok, im going to send few more forms and select Dj Yoon lah) :P

and the event continue with the main ceremony, prize giving! 


so, have you made up your mind yet? you got till 24th Nov to do so!

all the best then? as for me? to be qualified for the audition is good enough for me. :P

oh catch Shaheizy Sam in person, at Petronas Station in Chica, Kelantan this coming 23th November!

p/s : these are some extra info/links that you might find helpful to keep track on the celebrities that will took part in this challenge : (click the social media title)

Shaheizy Sam Samad :

Instagram @Shaheizy_sam

DJ Yoon :
Instagram @onefmyoon

Maya Karin :
Instagram @maya_karin

Him Law (Hong Kongers actor) :
Twitter - couldnt find one
Instagram @himlaw_0828

Bii (Korean artist, famous in Taiwan)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Upcoming events (December 2013)

So, have you plan anything for this coming December?

If not, how bout trying any one of these (or both?) hehe..

deets here

the next day : 8 December 2013 (Sunday)

deets here and here

The latter is my personal favourite. These events are kind a hybrid. with physical and mental challenge (amazing race/adventure race + treasure hunt, task). 

All the best!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

KL Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Hunt 2013 / Nestle Fitnesse Treat with DJs of

This post consists of 2 events being held in the same morning of 26th October, and I took part in both. We call it B2B (back to back) and im doing it not because of the rewards (kinda awesome one too) but because of the commitment. To friends (teammate) and to the organizer of the event. And I (think) can do it.

These events, located around 10km between each other.

One in One Utama (the only venue) and another one starts at Matic Jln. Ampang (around KL).

Let me begin with the one I joined first that morning :

Nestle Fitnesse with Hitz FM

Not only participants (only 12 of us) will get to hang out the whole day with DJ Arnold and DJ Natalie from HITZ fm radio station (man, Natalie is taller than me!) but we will be treated (by Nestle of course.. thank You!!) with few fitness sessions , which were Wall Climbing @ Camp 5 Climbing Gym, Lunch @ Opika Organic Café, sports voucher worth RM150 from Royal Sporting House, shopping for something healthy and nutritious worth RM150 @Aeon and 2 hours session at Batting cage @ Upper Roof. Ok, that’s the reward.

Here’s the story.

Budget Good-Good, we did GooD!! 

9.10am – arrived Matic Jln Ampang for the registration of our team for the Life&Times Travel KL Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Hunt 2013 happening later around 11am. Once done, rush off to One Utama and got there 15 minutes later. 

would changing it's team name will bring up any Good? :P

Once I’ve registered for Nestle Fitness with Hitz FM,  I took some time to snap pics around the gym and get to know other winners. It was an online contest by HitzFM (via Instagram and website) and we need to pose with a Nestle Fitnesse cereal to be selected to join this event. Each will receive RM500 along with treats I mentioned earlier. 

 with Dj Arnold! Woot!


front desk

inspiring, aint it?

fill up first?


Dj Natalie took the lead. Not bad..

The rock climbing session began around 10.15am. yup. Im supposed to already be on my way to meet my teammate for the next event. Xpe.. layan this one dulu. Went through the warm up climbing, then I asked permission to skip the next 2 sessions (makan2 n shopping) and drive back to Matic. Its already 10.30am! Gosh. 

And lucky that im on the road, as we need to get today’s copy of New Straits time paper for the answer to the ‘treasure’ questions given. Make a quick stop for that.

And just after I exited the Jln Duta roundabout.. tada!! Jam! Aiseh. It was clear just now when I went to OU this morning. Ok don’t panic. I got 15 min left. And my team mate keep calling me every 5 minutes or so! DON’T PANIC!

It was a slow pace traffic, but I managed to make an escape to Jalan Pahang, and make my way (slowly) to Jalan Ampang.  Arrived a minute before the Flag-Off!

Life&Times Travel KL Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Hunt 2013

Ok let’s continue with this event pulak.

9 CP (check points) altogether. 

 we argued on something! haha.. belum mula lagi pun!

Once it started, we rushed to the taxi (only public transportations were allowed) and went to our first CP (check point), Mi Ketam KL @ Jalan Keramat.
Task : Mi Ketam panas + air sirap sejuk (get creative) :P

 fakri for the 1st CP. i wonder whats the Mi Ketam taste like?

Fakri did well eating this one, and we spent only few minutes here, while I tried to get the answer the ‘treasure questions’ given before the race begin.

Total Question was 6, but Q A1 has no answer (found out about it much later). and i actually found the ANSWER! (find the answer at the end of this post)

 im trying to find the answer by any way i could :P

As we moving on, we tried to reach the CP near to each other, avoiding CP at CM (Central Market) since you can only get the stamp for the Treasure there. As I said, we can’t submit yet since we didn’t get the answer for Q A1.

There were also other tasks involved. 2 pictures needed to be taken (one from a groupie @ LRT Jelatek and another one @ CM. Uploaded them into our own FB and show them marshal the post. Easy.

Did I mentioned be creative? Being gelojoh will only choke you. Being creative makes you swallow the food faster. Haa… :P

Did a quick stop @ LRT Jelatek for this groupie : 

 posing ala Budget Good-Good

Moving on to the next CP :  NZ Curry House @ Section 5 Wangsa Maju.
Task : Roti Canai + Teh Tarik

I think Ellah enjoying this task. It was him who did the same task last year @ CM. He did swell. 

 he's enjoying his teh tarik session

Ok moving on. We were moving too fast? Yes. We did. And eat ridiculously fast and tak senonoh! Haha.. it’s a race remember?

I cant google while rushing. So while the guys take turn to makan, I managed to find all the answers for the ‘treasure’ questions. Left only Q A1. Asked everyone else that we know, no one had the answer (yet).

Next CP : En. Tan Kopitiam Muslim @ Medan Niaga Rampai
Task : Roti Bakar + Kopi.. lol.. too easy I must say?

A’ah, in and out in no time. As I said, this year’s food kinda ‘stomach’ friendly.
But to make a gap between them, food like last year should do it. Ada yang muntah! And that Fierce Curry House food last time is so hot (pedas!)

Just for the fact, I don’t really have to say anything much to these guys. It’s always a mutual understanding; we know our part and everyone pretty much know what to do next. We argued, disagree for sure along the way. But we always make sure to complete the challenge/task right.

Next CP : Rojak & Cendol Salleh @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

I think this is the stall that used to open just behind the Maybank and infront of the MCD Telawi. Now the stall can be found under the tree, in front of Petronas Station (100m away from its original location). I love the rojak. But the thing is that, I must gulp down everything as fast as I could. And with a bowl or icy Cendol too! (talking about brain freeze). Done in couple of minutes. Yes. I ate my rojak with my hand! Haha..  (you might not want to sit beside me or else you might throw up) :P

Im absolutely sure theres no answer for Q A1. Last resort. Muka tembok. Tanya organizer. They replied : The question is void! Aiseh..  New strategy : Re-route!

Next CP : Restoran Samre Jalan Pantai Dalam :
Task here : Nasi gulai kawah.

 met with Dyat's team here

This area is actually easy to find, as I’ve passed by this place many times. But the restaurant isn’t that famous (online) so Googling some of these eateries won’t help (same case like Saleh Rojak. Found it by accident). Come to think of it, if its famous, then sure you’ll find it in no time kan? No fun in that :P

This is where the expertise of your taxi driver comes handy. At least that guy knows the area, then we should get to that exact place, correctly. A detour, and wrong turn, could cost you more time. And time is very essential in any race. Especially this one.

We did stop from time to time to ask for directions. Yup, we even got stopped at a roadblock! :P nothing to be worried, we have all the necessary evidence that we are in a race (team tag, event shirts and all). *muka panic + excited* haha..

Next CP : Restoran A.Hassan S/B, Velodrome Biz Park
Well, I volunteered at first, but when they mentioned the menu is not just rice + ayam golek, I leave it to Lek to proceed. With his skill we call it, ‘Makan takde Gigi’ (don’t know what to translate, literally, gulp down everything) we spent around 3 minutes and done! 

 famous in Cheras. will come back to try the food

Next CP : Central Market
Now where can you get to eat something that is served on board, on the ground at CM? Air Asia served the ever famous Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser  n Satay for this challenge. I didn’t get to eat as I have to do another task. Take a groupie pic n post on my FB, then clear the stamp with the marshall. Ellah took this one. 

err.. thought the girl in Red will be serving us?

yum.. yum.. tp kami x dapat makan :P 

ok off to Shazana Pau! Nop,  no idea where it is

at this point, we kind thought this jam would ruin everything!

Next CP : 2nd Last one – Shazana Pau @ Jln Raja Alang, Kg Baru
At first we thought its somewhere in the row of stalls near the Pasar Chow Kit. We were wrong. Its on the other side of that road. Rushed there, and I volunteered for this one : 2 hot pau and a hot teh-o.  Hehe..  Try eating a hot Pau with hot Teh-o while your friend asking you to eat it in haste! Epic!

Last CP : Lobby Seri Pacific Hotel
A small bowl of dimsum ke ape ntah, ke yong tau fu (something like that) got chilli, an ice cream, a can of 100 Plus for the last task. At this point we were still in doubt that we were the first team to arrive, and Lek steal the limelight by taking this task, and showing his Makan Takde Gigi skill! Done. Thats how you do it. Budget Good-Good style!

final meal of the day!

We were then asked to stand by for the camera, and make a run to the main stage!

Wohoo!! We were the 1st to arrive! Champion! It was surreal! The next team arrived minutes just after we did. Tight race it was. 

we made it!

we got an exclusive interview!

in the paper too!

Its 2.15pm. A short interview was conducted by a reporter from NST. I let the guys do the talking. Im off to the next event. Get my car at MATIC and drive back to OU. Traffic was fare. Took the Penchala Link route (via Jln Duta).

Arrived OU around 3.15pm.  The last session starts around 4.30pm. Its batting Cage.
After half an hour,  they requested all of us for a groupie pic and presented us with more goodies!

 Upper roof! First time here


Post event activities for KL Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Hunt 2013  : 

Lucky draws : (we did get lucky this time too!)


Another makan challenge! Who can beat that guy? :P  (thats Lek btw)

Its already 5.15pm, and I have to drive back to Seri Pacific Hotel to meet my team mate. And just in time for that exclusive interview, which you can view it here :


Haha! i was just mumbling! It was kinda emotional race, not because we fought each other or anything, but because what happened last year. Read it here.

More stories Here, Here and Here

Pro :

All and all, It was an enjoyable race.  In a matter of fact, im actually racing with my friends from 3 other teams!

Food task was easy, so everyone can eat/take turn eating them. 

Cons : 

Briefing should be done bi language but i think most of the participants understand the briefing given in Bahasa Malaysia. 
That stamp they put on our hands should have been put on paper. Give another set of paper/passport or something, as the stamp gives away after a while (with sweat and constant moving). By the time you reach the next CP, the stamp already faded or gone!

The Marshall should synchronize with each other, as what happened at the Pau task, where this one marshal said its okay to proceed, while the other one said its not ok, bla.. bla.. I went ahead and eat my pau, by the time they finish arguing, im done with the task. :P

Food was easy. What’s not was the traffic, and the challenge faced from other teams.  And the event should have started early like last year. Not almost to lunch hour (even if its Saturday).

give us like dri-fit-kinda tee as we actually running here and there during this event. besides, i would proudly wear them around after that. good for promotion?

I hope that you enjoy reading my post. do leave a comment or two? 

FYi, the organizer said that they will open this event for international participants next year. Let’s see if there’s Durian and Sambal tempoyak will be on the menu next! Haa.. I doubt those foreigners could finish it.. or could they? 

And Thanks to New Strait Times and Red Adventure for organizing such event. 

Burp! Excuse us! (our team's name last year, btw) :P 

oh.. heres the Answer for Q A.1 : 

got it? hehe..  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What a Hunt! (it was) - Day Three - Final Day

Day 3 (final day) @ Penang 
25 August 2013 - Sunday
Georgetown, Jawi, Butterworth, Juru and Kepala Batas 

oh how i remember running on this bridge last time

We reached Georgetown around 12pm, check-in at super comfy, newly renovated Sunway Hotel, and had our lunch at the nearby Kapitan's Restaurant somewhere in Little India. Yup. We 'hunt' for the food first before doing to the real hunt :P Rugi lah datang Penang tak pegi makan2!

Btw makan, transport n accommodation for this whole 3 day's hunt is sponsored. Best! :P but i wish my family could've join me.Today tak stress sangat. I've secured 17 CP altogether. Alhamdulillah. Today kira tambah2 lagi lah. Hopefully lagi 5 @ 6 CPs :) and if you noticed, i took more pictures today! :P 

Tried the Kambing Briyani. I like Nasi Kandar better

 ok sudah makan? Amacam?

2.30pm. Tick-tock-tick-tock. 6 hours to go and im all set for 10 more Atms to find. 10 minutes for me to read the clues and to decide where i should go first. There's a couple of ATMs around Georgetown itself, and one is in Kepala Batas, one in Juru, and few more in Butterworth and Tanjung Bungah. These are a bit far from my current location, but as always, target where the Standard Chartered bank is, first! :P I must say the one in Georgetown, SC occupied an old building and restored it to its former glory. Nice!
photo credit to Ang Photography

No issues of taking a break for praying time, as i've already did Jamak Taqdim before the event starts.

Komtar building

How do i fare for today's hunt? Well, i was surprised myself. I always imagined it was hard navigating through Penang, but once you know the place, it wasnt that hard. (im not driving remember?) haha.. Except there's once incident where this guy, riding his bicycle, in the middle of the busy road, zig-zagging like nobody's business. He used no protection gear, no helmet whatsoever. Oh well, as much as we want to honk him to stay by the roadside, we cant. We were inside company's car, and rules are rules.. Other than that, well, we can manage. 

Once done with CPs around Georgetown, i decided to go for the one in Pusat Perniagaan Azuria in Tanjung Bungah. Now, this one a bit far, and for one CP, i spent about an hour just to go back and forth. Hence, soon after we found it, we continue the hunt towards Butterworth. Another place with unfamiliar landmark. We wanted to take the ferry across, but the queue was a bit long, so we continue towards the bridge and heading towards Penang Bird Park. At this point, i wasnt sure where im going actually. Well, lets go where the clue takes me.

From here on, its a about fully utilising the Waze app, being friendly to people and luck. Alhamdulillah, Penangites were so nice guiding me to the correct ATM, and i even asked their opinion on which place should i go to, and which not. Looks like Kepala Batas is too far to reach (in this time frame) and i missed Juru CP earlier (should have done it first before going to Butterworth. Atleast i manage to navigate around this area.

Oh well, with missing few turns and going back and forth, we manage to find the CPs in Butterworth. Its already 7.15 pm. And i have one last target. CP in Sg. Jawi. Reachable, and i still have time. Not sure about the traffic though. Using Waze, we took a back road, and reached Sg. Jawi 50 minutes later. Traffic was fair.

The hunt concluded around 8.25 pm. The last Atm was in Sg. Jawi. We stopped for a drink before heading back to the hotel. Went out again for our late dinner @ Line Clear where i met with my other brother in law (as i said, be resourceful) for that delicious Char Kueh Teow Sani (bought it all the way from near his house). the guys opted for Nasi Kandar, and we continue chatting for a while before calling it a day. 

Uncle yang sporting. I think he's the owner?

It was a bit tiring, but fun at the same time. I believe this is the first time such 'hunt' being organized, with I'm the only participant.. haha.. So its all about whether you want it, or not. And how good your judgement, time management as not everyone get the same amount as i did. Alhamdulillah, atleast i have extra budget for the preparation of our soon-to-be-born family member :) *some time in October, insya Allah*  

just for the show :P our last 'atm pose' before heading back home

Enjoying the journey

My sincere thanks to MixFm and its crew, as well as Standard Chartered Malaysia for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime! :P

Okay. time for me to share whats the Hunt called. :)

i'll share some other picture later. x sempat nak upload :) till next race/hunt/adventure!!