Saturday, August 27, 2016

Allianz Crazy Games 2016

We are back for the 2nd time!

So this is our pre-task for the #AllianzCrazyGames2016.

We kind a flunk doing the bonus challenge last year, but we are prepared and will do better for this one.

Seems like each year the theme changed, and this year, even the Olympic has ended, i guess the fever is yet to be over. Lets continue doing something Crazy!

Our team of 3, as per previous year,  called Budget Good-Good will be competing for prizes that is, worth it.

Thisis our selfies, doing the sport we enjoy the most. 

I wonder what kind of games that we need to play during the event itself :)  We gonna do our best so lets wait how the game will turn out, shall we?

Good luck and all the best?


  1. All the best bro!
    Rindu nak join team Budget Good Good
    Ada kosong next time, roger ye. Hahahaha

    1. Lmbt komen lak. Kiciwa x dapat menang jam Garmin ari tuh. Jam dalam wishlist tuu.. korang dapat no. berapa? :) xpe next event kita bergandingan!