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Back to Back : Jejak Pelancongan Putrajaya n Rentap Extreme Explorace 2014

Where : Putrajaya
Time : 5.30am - 2.00 pm (for Jejak Pelancongan Putrajaya)
3.00 pm - 4.00 pm (for Rentap Extreme Explorace @ Tapak Fiesta Riuh Sakan 2014)
Achievement (chewahh..) .. eh jap.. kena baca dulu story baru tau.. hehe..
When : Saturday, 26th April
Team : Fakri, Ellah, Lek, Myself 
Syuk join the 2nd event. 
5.00 am - Dah siap bangun, initial plan was to park our car depan Perbadanan Putrajaya around 5.30am. Tertidur balik, woke up @ 5.30am. Sudahnya sampai kat blockade tu around 5.45am. Still among the earliest. 2nd car in the line. Learnt our lesson @ the previous hunt (a week before) @ Melaka. That story have to wait. We flunked that one.. hehe..

thats what ppl call GIGIH.. 

Breakfast @ 7am, and final brieifing @ 8 am.(note : sedap dia punya Bihun Goreng, which i ate for lunch) :P

So, flag off around 8.30am. and we have till 3.00 pm to finish everything.

 the driver i shall be today

7 locations. Questions vary (based on Sports/World Cup) but not that easily googalable okeh. Treasure hunt element is still there. Especially for the first location @ Presint 14 / Diplomatic. Yup, this year format is totally different from last year. I hope they will revert to the 2013 format next year. (of courselah Treasure hunters x minat sangat format camni, kitaorg adventure racer lah at advantage nyer).

1st Location : Presint 14/Diplomatic
Mmg payah soklannyer.. ie.. Lin Dan kehilangan Ann.. ok .. cuba teka apa jawapannyer?

p/s : gambar xde kena mengena dengan jawapan

Boleh jawab dlm comment. Kalu betul dpt hadiah.. hehe.. Ops, sape masuk ari tu takleh aa jawab..

Kalu nak soklan lain pun boleh. nanti saya share. We hate this part. But we love the challenge.

Abiskan sejam kat sini, left with 3 Qs unanswered. yg berjawap pun mungkin 50% je betul.. Back to the control point @ Perbadanan to get the passport for 2nd part.

Location 2 : Taman Cabaran P20
Not like last year la. Nothing extreme. just to test how sharp is your observation skill, while trying to cope with other team member that eagerly want to help (which makes thing more chaotic) haha.. gaduh2 manja.. + stress kan sape yg pegang pen masa tu..

Location 3 : Taman Saujana Hijau P11
Here, we need to answer a crossword puzzle. senang sangat. jawapan ada da.. so pilih jawapan yang betul. tak mencabar pun.

aha.. why they put a bunting such as this as a checkpoint marker? 

Location 4 : Taman Wetland @ Padang Semarak
Yang ni pun jawab soklan. Mencabarnya sbb dah panas terik. Rentung la sambil2 cari jawapannya. 20 minutes gak nak siapkan.

 rentung. dah tengah hari dah time nih. quizzes

aha.. dan saya lupa nak snap bunting yg ada kat tepi tu.. *dush*!
at this point, no one actually know that the bunting is actually part of the game!

Once done, back to the control point to get the question for the 3rd part. 

 3rd part ni senang. diaorg letak mcm logo pasukan bola. then jawab soklan based on the logo. senang jugak sbb team 2 tau banyak pasal bola. bagus gak budak2 ni. 

 Aha.. punya laju lupa amik gambar :P 

Easy peasy. Then proceed with 2nd passport for 3 more locations :

Location 5 : PICC (Hall 1 n 2)
kat sini mmg tricky sket. Dengar bunyi, tulis huruf yg mewakili bunyi tu. So jawapan berdasarkan susunan bunyi. Tak senang sbb dia ada dua set. Satu utk huruf2 apa yang bunyi tu wakili, and right next to it (yup, mmg bercampur2 bunyinya) susunan bunyi yg perlu kita susun jadi jawapannya.. (sport based juga).

Contoh la.. X - utk angsa, N -utk bunyi enjin kete I - bunyi siren polis, S - bunyi lembu.
so susunan dia.. X-N-I-S.. ape tuh? 

logiknya.. X (roman number) so dia jadi Ten + N+I+S = Tennis! wei!! tak reti ah! haha.. 
(jawapan tau lepas da abis game)  

Nak jugak berselfie. ok syok sendiri..

W for *sound) Moo = Cow

listing out all the alphabets that represent the sound

time to relax a bit.. or merajuk.. or layan perasaan.. haha..

 Ops dont forget the bunting..

Location 6 : Taman Pancarona P18
Ok sampai sini mcm ada mini stadium. So ada jumble words questions. Isikan jawapan yang betul. haha.. biasa2 je. kejap je dapat ni. Camne? ade 8 kepala (2 team) so mmg cepat lah siap. Sport based remember? kalu general mmg die la.. 

 guess who is this? hint : Olahragawan

Location 7 : Pusat Futsal 1Malaysia, P18 @ Youthport
kat sini test korang punye memory. Marshall kat masuk, then keluar, tak leh masuk balik. Tp sebab ramai sgt org, saya tengok ramai jer yg mengelat. Tp tak susah sangat. dari gambar dia bg tu, teka mana salah. Senang.

Once done, back to the Contol point for the bonus task/questions.
So balik ke control point utk submit passport. 

Turn out that my habit sometimes tu bagus juga. all those buntings are the clue for this last part. Its the answer to the bonus question! Walla! settle our hunt around 2.oopm..

Prize giving some time around 5pm. The result for the hunt you need to wait. 

Oh yer.. kalu treasure hunt sure lah ada 'treasure' nak kena beli.. contoh mcm ni :

3-3  soklan ke laut! actually i did get this one right. yes. the answer is sehelai daun!
and i thought green tea.. haha.. need to do better on this

Ok. lets go to the 2nd event of the day.

Rentap Extreme Explorace @ tapak Fiesta Riuh Sakan, Monument Alaf Baru, Putrajaya. 

Actually, the reason we signing up for this one as its so cheap! RM20 jer satu team! 

But.. to my suprise, we will up against team of Marathon Runners, Iron Man, Adventure Racers. Wahh.. macam xde harapan jer? But giving up that early isnt an option. We have to try our best la then. Kitaorg? buat2 tak tahu jer..

layan dulu..

Budget Goodx2 = alah.. poyo lah nak kena terang jugak.. haha.. 

Once it started, we need to find 10 CPs to get all the stamp. Its not that extreme per se, more like fast! Explorace is all about who finish first, and gets all the stamp. 

also, there's a task you need to write Pantun. Empat kerat. 
kitaorg buat mmg ntah hapa2 lah pantunnyer. janji marshall terima. 

So again, we got a Soduku challenge in one of the task. mmg Challenging as i need to solve it like under 5 minutes or so.

Mmg tetap dan berpencen lah saya kalu ada task ni.. Argh.. but with the right strategy, we manage to cover most of the CP in the fastest time, ahead of other teams. And our team found the CP 7, which was quite hidden from the sight. you need to go up the Monument Alaf Baru for that.
see.. its hidden kan?

So we went for the 3rd last CP, CP 9. We need to find pokok cili padi semerah around the Fiesta site. Easy eh? as there's only 2 place selling plants there. But they didnt sell any pokok cili! Argh.. where can this pokok cili be? After running around like mad, the pokok cili were put just behind the Starting point. 

Ok, we came to the 2nd last CP, CP 6. Where the heck is it? to our suprise, its right there next to the last CP.. haha.. mesti baru jap tadi dia letak. 

Kara-tak-ok! Well, suruh kitaorg karaoke mmg tak ok lah. But we were the first time in the queue, so others have to wait. This subjective task kind a test your patience, as the marshall asked us to sing again as he didnt satisfied with our singing..

Done! so we come down to the last CP, CP10. Again, this one a bit subjective. appoint a mascot, and sing or dance your team cheer! Adoi!! but Fakri came up with a nice cheer song, and Ellah was the mascot.. alololo.. x comel tp belasah je la.. 

So we sang :

"Everywhere we go.. people want to know.. who we are..

so we tell them, we are the mighty, mighty Budget Good-Good!"

Ha! takde nyer kena nyanyi sekali.. 2 kali kena ulang.. haha.. and we finished 1st.


Ok. Lets go back to the 1st event venue and waiting for the prize giving ceremony.. 
we triump! dalam category PBT la.. (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan). we got 2nd. Our 2nd team got 1st.. haha.. mcm mana tu? tp xpe, hadiah campur 2, bahagi 8.. so fair lah kan? 

and yours truly dpt lucky draw.. yay!!   

Done here. Lari2 anak balik ke Fiesta RiuhSakan site for the 2nd prize giving ceremony. Kesian pulak biar Syuk amik hadiah sorang2.. kot2 lah masuk paper kan.. utk Explorace siap dapat medal. All and all, terubat lah kiciwa kalah kat Melaka. Alhamdulillah. 

flashy medal!

Last but not least, Congrats on your winning, rival team Kaki Lari n Bisa Habis. Member2 jugak diaorg ni. 

Ehh.. jap jap.. tak abis biasalah nak cite gak part ni..

Ok thats all! Upcoming events? We might be going to JB soon! (8th June). I'll update you on that. 

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