Thursday, September 5, 2013

What a Hunt! (it was) - Day Two

Saturday, 24 August 2013
Location : Tapah, Tanjung Malim n Ipoh

Day two of the hunt. Woke up this morning with mix feelings. Im not that good with navigation around Ipoh city and what if the clues located outside Ipoh? And how many CPs (check point) i can manage to find today? My target? 5 CPs atleast.

 Here i come!

Depart for Ipoh from Astro around 10.30 am, and reached the Tower Regency Hotel around 1pm. Check-in and ready for the 2nd day hunt. Had our lunch just before the hunt start.

neat and simple :)

We started around 2.30pm . Once i got the clue, i have like 1o minutes or so do get all the answers for it. 10 more Atms to find. Found out that one CP is in Tapah, and the other one in Tanjung Malim, and i totally have to ditch that Tanjung Malim CP. I have only 6 hours remember? First thing in any race/hunt you'll have to strategize. Time management is so important. Well, im the time keeper for my team in most of the races we've participated before :P So when i say there's time, do it. when i said stop, that's it.

Here's what i have to do. Once i got to the correct Atm, i will pose with a piece of laminated paper says 'ive found the correct atm!'. A'ah. thats all i need to do. But to find that particular Atm IS the challenge. and driving around places you are not familiar with is another. But trust me, be resourceful! :P 

First. For today's hunt, to find where's the location for the Standard Chartered bank is. Its in Taiping! Where exactly? well, lets head there first and find out. On our way there, we stop for lunch at the R&R Sungai Perak before making a detour to Kuala Kangsar city, as one of the CP was there, before continue our 'hunt' at Taiping. 

at my hometown! seb baik tak jumpa org kampung :P

Getting to Taiping is easy, getting to where the bank is, well.. not. We got lost somewhere in Aulong, and had to call my brother in law to ask for (help) directions. Nop, you can't ask him to come and show you where the place is. Just directions. But thank god that i've once race around the town before, and somehow i can navigate through based on his directions.

Found it. The 'bounty' to find this particular SC Bank is pretty much higher, and im glad that i went for this one much earlier. Theres another atm/CP not far from this bank, and then we (with haste) make our way back to Ipoh. Yup. 3 hours passed by and i've only manage to find only 3 atms! *ketap-ketap gigit jari kuku* 45 minutes journey back to Ipoh. Perasaan tidak keruan. #aptb

Reached Ipoh around 6.30 pm. that means, i only have like a couple of hours to get to the rest of the CPs in Ipoh (5 more to go, excluding Tapah n Tanjung Malim CP's). OhMiGosh! Now im freaking out. Thank god that i manage to get the Waze functioning properly, and getting from one CP to another is so easy (i wish i could have use this earlier). At this point you might have guessed how bad i was in using gadget n apps for navigation. Lesson learned.

CP's around Ipoh is quite nearby, but getting from one CP to another is a bit tricky. And you are doing it alone. Thats totally different what what i used to do. But the crew is awesome. We are like a bunch of friends driving around the city, enjoying good music, except im the one who got stressed because now i have only 2 hours left! haha.

From time to time i can heard my name being mentioned on the air of MixFM, and i myself texting my wife on how much i've 'secured'. :P gembira betul dia! 

We got to the last Atm 10 minutes before the time is out. So i guess Tapah CP's is a no-no. I can even see the crew, especially the drivers already dead tired, so i decided to call it a day. We cont our journey back to the hotel. the same crew from Hitz FM were staying at the same hotel, and they have this event that night, the launching of the new Mercedes hatchback.

Nonetheless, i've survived the 2nd day of the Hunt, with the bounty of (how much was it again?) :P. Missed 2 CPs, but i dont really mind since the time is not on my side. Win some, lose some eh? Still, i survived navigating around Ipoh City! yeah! 

picturesque view of Ipoh from atop

Day three (final day) is coming up. Char Kueh Teow anyone? 

p/s : gambar later lah yer :P and thanks for reading.

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