Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a Hunt! (it will be) - Updated

No.. not yet.

The hunt will start tomorrow. Evening.

1st Day - around Klang Valley

2nd n 3rd Day - prolly outside KL (even i dont have any idea where)

What Hunt? 

Err.. i will share with you after i've completed everything this Sunday (of course the post will be up much later) :P

Why so secret? 

Just to make sure you guys come back to find out what happened, thats all! :P

What is it about?

A hunt. Not a treasure hunt. Something different. Different format, with hefty 'bounty'. Serius! 

Worth coming back?

Definitely, as this is i think, one of the kind! *overwhelmingly excited!*

Yes, i will share with you guys later.

Pray for me that i will be successful in this event. Thanks :)

p/s :  Kalu x menang, i wont continue writing anything about this.. hehe.. 

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