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Selangorlicious Eat Out

I drove with an empty stomach towards Kelana Jaya for an outing by Tourism Selangor and Selangorlicious. This is a different kind of outing, it involves food. Like a food tasting for food critics, except we are the judge of our own taste :P Yup, apart from running, i do a part-time carbo-loading as well :P
We visited Restoran Jamal Mohamed, located at Jln SS5A/9 Petaling Jaya and believe it or not, im the first one there. Puzzling whether this is the right place, familiar faces shows up one by one. Its kind a more like a catching up session for some of us, while the rest probably wanna enjoy their breakfast, eat all u can style!
We were there simply because of this one stall that served something typical, but yet different malaysian food. With kangkung as a add-on, Nasi Lemak Kukus Kangkung is the talk of the town and the highlight of this outing.



The ambient of 1 Malaysia is so there since stalls offering Mamak’s, Chinese and Malay food all under one restaurant. By 9.30 am, the chairs slowly being occupied and we were then about to start the food tasting session.  We can try any of the food for free, as Renuga of Tourism Selangor in charge of the payment.  Its pay as you eat style. Theres Penang Fried Kueh Teow, hot plates menus (with mee udang and tauhu bakar) mee curry, wantan mee, nasi lemak, rojak and typical mamak’s food.

I didn’t rush towards the nasi lemak stall, as few other stalls were there offering from Char Kueh Teow to Wantan Mee. I decided to try out the Auntie Gemuk ‘s Char Kueh Teow first.



My review : its different, not that spicy, and just right, suits my appetiate. minus the gravy like they usually prepare it.

While eating, I asked my buddies whats their opinion about the food they are having, here some of the comments :

Nigel said on Aunty Gemuk’s Char Kueh Teow :
“ I cannot taste the heat of the wok, it wasn’t the same like it used to be” 

Adam commented on the Nasi Lemak Kukus Kampung + Ayam masak merah : *speechless with thumbs up*

Bond (or Bon, as long it sounds correct) said on Wantan Mee : Good! *with another thumbs up*. 

Dian of Tourism Selangor : Daud, order lagi apa you nak makan :P  

Me : err.. I will, I will :P

The food being served is all halal and with wide variety of choices, I bet you have to make a comeback for a second (or third). The recee team from Tourism Selangor had to spent 3 hours to try out all the menus few days earlier. 

 Pick your choice

 Wantan Mee

fellow bloggers

 Tourism Selangor n Selangorlicious team

For my 2nd menu, I decided to taste the famous Nasi Lemak Kukus Kangkung that we are here for. A plate of nasi lemak with kangkung and ayam rendang costs about RM6. The sambal (sauce) is not that spicy and portion wise is tummy full. Its kangkung is well cook while the ayam rendang compliments it. What I can share is that Nasi Lemak Kukus is different from typical nasi lemak that I usually eat . To kill my curiosity, I decided to have a brief conversation with the stall owner’s son, Wan. 

Kangkung anyone? 

 selling out fast

 yummy! (and its actually is!)

According to him, they have been in business since 6 years ago. Choices of dishes are ayam rendang, ayam masak merah, ayam goreng, with sambal sotong, alongside hati, paru and pedal goreng, telus rebus and telur goreng. 

So I ask him, “What makes your Nasi Lemak so special?”

Wan replied : Kangkung! And that’s not the only thing. Actually, a lenghty process needed to prepare their nasi lemak every day. It tooks about 4-5 hours to kukus (steam) the rice, so the process starts around 2 am and the rice should be ready before they begin their business. This process produce a steam rice that is soft and rich in texture.

patience is virtue :)

It’s a family business and operated only by his family members, including both his parents.  The stall open everyday from 7am to 2 pm on weekdays, and 7 am to 11 am on weekends. Expect a long queue if you came after 9, and do come early to avoid disappoinment. The only time they will close is during the month of Ramadhan. They also take orders, so you can call Wan at 012 655 9055 for that matter. 

It started raining around 10.30am and the best thing to do is to order more hot drinks.  I took a break for a while to give my stomach a rest before continue eating. I think the idea next time is to order few selected food on the menu, and share it. That way, we got to taste all the food and share our opinion about the food. What we did was ordered the same thing and gulp down everything ourselves, and end up being full after our 2nd meal.

I stop after my 3rd meal, a plate of Wantan Mee with chicken. Its as good as Bon first mentioned, and I kind a always a big fan for Wantan Mee, so I tend to be bias for this kind of meal. Except maybe they can add a halal dimsum to it, I think it might be enjoyed differently. This is the first time that I eat 3 different heavy dishes for a breakfast and I was lucky to have a 10km run that same evening to justify my guilt :P 

Err, I didn’t really stop at my 3rd meal. Someone ordered a plate of Tauhu Bakar and you know what, I end up finishing it! Its crunchy and sweet taste was addicting, but my stomach cant take any more of it. Lulz
All and all, I think this is one place a food lovers must visit. Clean, affordable, choices are aplenty. Service time is fairly quick, only they pick their plates according to the stall, so it tends for the plate to stay there longer, waiting to be picked up by the stall’s helper.  Noticibly clean floor (and toilets too) impressed me. With 2 big screens, this is definitely a hang out place for kaki bola (football fans) alike. 

and who said food outing something boring? 
(this probably what happened if you eat too much :P )

Now im full to the fullest. Time to head home.  Thanks Tourism Selangor and Selangorlicious for this outing. They planned for another outing next month, so if you have a suggestion(s)  for a place to have a great breakfast, do share. Or you yourself could join and meet new friends on a lovely morning. 

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